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    Hello I have played the Last Dream demo and I am interested in purchasing the game. I have a few questions before I purchase the full game. Since I will be changing computers soon I will have to re-download the game, would I have to purchase the game again or can I just re-download the game. Also, I found this game on Steam Greenlight and I was wondering if I would revive a key to the game on steam if Last Dream was to come out on Steam. I love the game keep up the good work and I hope this game comes out on steam


    Andrew Walker

    Remember: Thanks for your interest in Last Dream. If you change computers, you won’t need to purchase the game again. You can use the key that you purchase on as many computers as you own. You’ll only need to re-download the game from our Download page.

    If Last Dream does come out on Steam, we’ll be happy to give you a Steam key if you’ve already purchased the game.



    Thanks for the reply I shall buy the game as soon as I can. Best Wishes!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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