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    Andrew Walker

    With a larger group of people playing the game, odd bugs that we never expected have cropped up. There have also been some excellent suggestions that we’d like to incorporate into the game. This thread is meant to summarize the changes (either as additions or bug fixes) to original version of the game:

    See v1.0.1 change summary.
    See v1.0.2 change summary.

    ******WORK IN PROGRESS******
    1) Diving on top of an underwater cave gets you stuck until you resurface.
    2) If you pass through the Woods of Despair but do not visit the guard in front of the King’s Throne Room until after finishing the Volcano, there is a glitch where the guard will not respond to you.

    ******CAN’T RECREATE******
    1) If you re-enter Daedalus’ puzzle after completing it, many of the switches don’t function properly.
    2) In the Dragon Caves tunnels puzzle, you can jump through one of the tunnels and end up stuck in the water.
    3) Multiple tiles were moving onto the same tile in the 1-15 number puzzle in the Ice Cave.

    ******WILL NOT BE FIXED*******
    1) Bridges destroyed at the beginning of the game are still destroyed in the Map menu option even after they are repaired. The logistical issue here is that the Map menu option uses 4 separate PNG files. There are 3 unique changes to the World Map: i) The Oakwood Bridge is repaired, ii) The Central Continent Bridges are repaired if you capture Rufus, and iii) Mt. Gerra erupts if you don’t defuse the bomb. Items ii) and iii) may or may not occur, so there are 5 unique World Maps that may exist throughout the game. Each highest resolution map takes up ~15 mb, so including these 5 unique maps requires an extra 60 mb of space for a very small gain in game realism.

    I believe those are all of the known issues. If there are any other true “bugs” that I’m missing, please post them here. If you have suggestions, comments, please post them in the “Problems, impressions, suggestions” topic.

    Our goal is to fix all of these issues by Friday (8/9) and post a game update. The game update will be a completely new installer with all of these modifications implemented.



    Andrew Walker

    Today, August 9th, we’re releasing the first Last Dream game update. Remember to backup your save files before installing the latest version of Last Dream. The following fixes/improvements have been incorporated into the latest version (v1.0.1):

    **************v1.0.1 Change Summary**************
    1) The Monster Remains Collector will now tell you how much gold he’s giving you for the monster remains that you sell.
    2) The cats in Mr. Cope’s tent (post-eruption) have been removed and Mr. Cope’s parents are static to avoid game freezes during the vertical leap contest.
    3) The Hunter’s Critical Scan now gives a boost of +25 CRT rather than +25% CRT making it much more powerful.
    4) A book in the Royal Archives of Doria Castle (The Code of the Woosters by P. G. Wodehouse) had two typos which have been corrected.
    5) The scrap of paper in on the Royal Historian’s table (in the Doria Castle Royal Archives) has been corrected to read “A crazed traveler broke into…”. Note the removal of the word “came” before “broke”. Also, the secret code “711” has been changed to “030813”.
    6) You can no longer trap yourself on the Master Fisherman’s island if you land on the wooden dock next to the tent with your Airship. You can’t land on the wooden dock.
    7) Text has been added to the Abyss Guardian’s text detailing that if you leave, you will have to start at the beginning.
    8) Darkness 5 description stated that it deals “160 wind damage”. Corrected to read “160 darkness damage”.
    9) In the Abandoned Laboratory, there was a book typo: “\Jude the Obscure – Thomas Hardy”. Corrected by removing the “/”.
    10) In the ending cutscene, corrected “Alec – Tier 5 Arena Competitor”‘s text by removing extra “have” in “Few have fighters have…”
    11) Changed the animation for Destroy Armor.
    12) The storehouse could be exploited to duplicate items. This has been fixed by prohibiting the player from depositing “zero” of an item.
    13) Normal (non-blue Moa) can be summoned on impassable tiles and used to bypass rivers. Fixed by prohibiting the Moa from being called on any impassable tile or any town/dungeon tile.
    14) A bug occurs in the Earth Cave puzzle where you must avoid the glare of Wraiths if you save and reload while in the puzzle room. Fixed by removing menu access during the puzzle.
    15) Ice 5 description had a typo – “element” was missing an “e”. Corrected.
    16) Some Darkness spells had an inconsistent use of “darkness” vs. “dark”. All skills now use “darkness”.
    17) There wass a typo in the cutscene after killing Helios. Gabriel said “receving” instead of “receiving.” Corrected.
    18) The tutorial sections for the White Mage and Black mage said they could only equip Staves but they can also equip Knives/Daggers. Added Knives/Daggers as equippable items in the Tutorial.
    19) After killing the Marsh Beast to get to Kali’s Medallion and watching the cutscene, the raft resets to the other side of the water and could leave you stuck. Fixed be setting the raft location to the location nearest the player at the end of the cutscene.
    20) When moving between Part #2 and #3 in the Alexandrian Desert, the same path to go back it puts you on the quicksand in Part #2 instead of on the path. Fixed by correcting the map transfer.
    21) Before starting the quest to gather the shards of the Ultima crystal, you could wander through the Dread Woods on the overworld even after being prompted that the barrier is stopping you. Fixed by adding an extra impassable event in the Dread Woods World Map area.
    22) After disarming the bomb to save Rubicon, the NPC “Fable Bildungsroman – Teller of Tall Tales” is still acting like it was destroyed. Fixed by adding branching text if the bomb is defused.
    23) If you pull up to the dock southeast of the forest tower while in the sub it will start raining underwater. Also, if it is raining before you submerge it will still be raining underwater. Fixed by cancelling weather effects when submerging and removing other erroneous weather effects.
    24) Characters appearing in Oakwood later in the game don’t respond to the Sewer stench.
    25) Map menu option should retain zoom level when you leave and return.
    26) The game can freeze unexpectedly if you use a treasure map while on top of a buried treasure. Fixed by making treasure maps unusable items; instead, they point players to use the Map menu option.

    We will continue to fix bugs as they are found and we look forward to releasing v1.0.2 if/when necessary.

    The latest version should be ready later tonight for download.



    Awesome! Can’t wait to DL it… definitely going to backup my saves =)


    Andrew Walker

    Thanks for reminding me about the save file backup. I’ve added that to the main change summary post. Version 1.0.1 should be ready later tonight for download.



    I’m so excited, but how do we back up our previous game files and then apply them to the new download? Also, do we just delete everything and then reinstall, and if so, do we use our old game key to repurchase the game?


    Andrew Walker

    McGrimm – The newest version of Last Dream is now available for download.

    To back up your save files, navigate to the install directory (likely C:/Program Files (x86)/Last Dream) and copy the save files (Save01.rvdata, Save02.rvdata, etc) to your desktop.

    Download the latest version of the Last Dream. When you attempt to install it, it will prompt you to remove your previous installation. Uninstall and then at the prompt, reinstall Last Dream with the newer installer.

    You won’t have to re-input your key. It’s stored on your computer and all future updates will automatically know that you’ve already unlocked Last Dream.

    Once the game is installed, copy your save files back to the same installation folder.



    I really have looked everywhere for my saves. When I load up program files as describes, I see all of the folders and Icon imgs, but no save files…I I am not sure where they are and I only have like 4 save files anyways. Do i need to just start fresh? Thanks for all of the technical help. I cannot wait to play!



    I have even searched my entire C:/ drive for a save01.rvdata file. No match…hmmmm.


    Andrew Walker

    McGrimm – I’m sorry about confusing you. In fact, I’ve confused myself. After searching around the same directory, I can’t seem to find my own save files; however, if I load up the game, they are obviously still there. It appears they might be stored in the encrypted RPG Maker game archive. I was told earlier by Richard Werkmeister that when he updated his game, his Save Files still remained.

    It would be quite terrible if you had to restart from scratch with the game update and that is definitely not our intention with the game updates.

    I’ll keep researching and hopefully figure out a way to access the save files directly. To be safe, you should back up your Last Dream install directory before you uninstall/install the latest version.




    Well. We can get this all figured out. In the name of R&D, I think I will go ahead and download the updated version. I will inform you guys of all the steps and if my game files are lost or corrupted. I don’t want to lose my team I have been building, but a true beauty of this game is re-playability.

    fingers crossed.

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