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    So, here we go.
    First, I would like to note that people should download the DEMO version, and be careful not to just purchase another game key.
    Next, the update downloaded fast without a hitch.
    Last, NONE of the old save files were saved.

    I would just like to let everyone know. I did not back up my old version (nor was I completely sure how since the uninstaller runs) in the interest of science, so I am off to dungeon crawl.
    Here we go and maybe we can all figure this out…unless I am just really missing something and it is a simple fix or user error. In any case, Cheers!


    Andrew Walker

    McGrimm – I’ve found a workaround that allows you to access your save files and back them up whenever you wish. It requires that you have access to a normal save file in .rvdata format. Since people who are just starting the game and didn’t play the content restricted demo may not have access to such files, I’ve included a link to such a file here:

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13935232/Save20.rvdata (Right click – Save As)

    What you need to do is:

    1) Copy this file to your installation directory.
    2) Load up your desired save file and resave it to slot 20.

    Now, you can back up your save file (now saved in Save20.rvdata) by copying it where you like. You can also rename Save20.rvdata to Save1.rvdata, Save2.rvdata, etc. so that every save file in the installation directory is a physical file that you manipulate and back-up.

    This may be the system we’ll have to use when people submit speed run save files for competitions.

    If I figure out anything a bit more sophisticated, I’ll let you know.

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    Andrew Walker

    McGrimm – Ahh, that stinks! Are you sure they’re actually gone? Sometimes, I load up the game and they don’t appear and the next time, they’re all there. It’s very strange.

    I was just a little bit too late with my post! Sorry…



    Awwww man. That was a very quick and descriptive post; however, through exhaustive searching and restarting, i cannot find anything anywhere.
    It is lost.
    I am very glad we could at least figure out a solution, for the time being, for everyone else. I am still just very excited to be a part of the whole thing and I totally support you guys. You have been nothing but helpful and kind. To the future and past I say “No worries.” ( I can’t help but feel dramatic. I have lost a few friends this night)



    Also, I would like to note that I did download the restricted demo very early as a Kickstarter supporter. So, ” Since people who are just starting the game and didn’t play the content restricted demo may not have access to such files”, may not be totally accurate. I hope this helps.



    @Andrew, I have verified this to be a valid solution. I was unable to find my save files as well. Since McGrimm started a new thread I will post on it to further the discussion about the specific issue.


    Andrew Walker

    New fixes in v1.0.2 are listed below. This update is live and can be downloaded.

    ******NEW FIXES IN V1.0.2*****
    1) Curious Woman in Borea now says “sadist” rather than “masochist”.
    2) There was an invisible sign mapped improperly in the Naiad Mountain Pass that says “Mysidia Mountain Pass.” Now, it is visible and says “Naiad Mountain Pass.”
    3) The Aide in Riverdale (post-eruption) now says “your donation” rather than “you’re donation”.
    4) During the class upgrade, “receive” is now correctly spelled.
    5) In the Monk’s Chakra skill description, now says “any/all” instead of “any/ally.”
    6) Darkness 7 uses the normal Darkness icon rather than the Wind Icon.
    7) The White Mage’s NullDark skill uses Darkness icon rather than the Ice icon.
    8) The White Mage’s Divine Intervention description now has “resurrects” correctly spelled.
    9) Elevator could become inaccessible if you use the Elevator and then Warp outside Babel Citadel without getting the Sky Key. Now, the Elevator will always revert to Floor #4 if you Warp out of the Citadel.
    10) During the ending cutscene at the Moa Races, the code to display the main character’s name was displayed rather than the name itself. The code has been corrected to display correctly.
    11) Blue Moa could dive on land. Now, a message saying “Can’t dive here.” will be displayed when trying to dive on land.
    12) Passive skills can no longer be equipped since their effect is automatic without being equipped.
    13) Can exit the Old Mine as the Mine Cart if you hold left while boarding.
    14) Sometimes in the Asgard Catacombs, battle background wass for outside. This has been corrected to use the “tomb” battle background.
    15) Battles used the ship battle background while on the Blue Moa. Now it has been corrected to be an Ocean background.
    16) The class icons in the Skills menu were mixed up between classes. Class icons have been removed.
    17) You can still receive the class upgrade if you rescue Tiamat prior to talking to Bahamut.

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    I’m playing the game and the game freezes when I go to the menu screen, I can’t save,equip,etc. Please help!



    Andrew Walker

    Jenny: Sorry for the freezing game. If you could send me your save file (to info@whitegiantrpg.com), I can investigate the issue further. If you don’t know how to access your save file, please read through this topic and “Updates and Saves”.



    Any update on the bug with the king’s guard in Doria? I just finished the volcano and can’t progress – and I really don’t want to go all the way back to the woods of despair. :/

    Thanks – loving the game so far

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