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    Hey, I forgot to upload this awhile back. This is (in my opinion) an easier to navigate version of the solution to the hedge maze.

    I kept having a problem where I would get to the end and have missed one of the ground runes and didn’t have enough time to go look for it. Over and over I kept missing it (after looking a the guide I realized where I was making my mistake) but was too frustrated so I was using the guide to get through it, but it made complicated and time consuming than it needed to be in the event that you, like me, had already got all the chests since the path in the guide assumes you don’t. I imagine the guide is most useful to those who immediately went to it and didn’t really try all that hard on their own. That combined with the fact I know not everyone is in to puzzles but still wants to see the content and get the rewards I figured I’d put it up here in case anyone else might find it useful. I tested it on my girlfriend, while she is a gamer she hasn’t played games like this before but was still able to navigate via this map right away so I think it should be user friendly enough.

    The red line will take you on a path to all the ground runes for completion, while the black lines will lead you to chests. I angled the routes so it should seem natural when you’re supposed to supposed to take a specific path or not, since unlike a traditional maze this one seems to necessitate some backtracking, since you have to bypass an area that you will later return to.

    The image is quite a bit larger than it appears below, so just save it to your computer and view it with your preferred image viewer.

    EDIT: For some reason it’s being reduced in size.. Working on it. :/

    Ahh! Edit window expired before I could fix the original post. 🙁 Just copy the link and download it from there, it should be the normal size then. If a mod could please clean up this thread, I’d be grateful. Thanks!

    EDIT AGAIN: No matter how I link the image for some reason it’s not the original size and gets scaled down. Sorry, normal image linking doesn’t seem to work in this forum.

    Hedge Maze

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    ohhh nice! thanks for the map!

    i wish there’s a clearer one for the Daedalus’ puzzle one rofl~!

    actually when i saved it, it’s bigger than what’s here. its about 1024×635.

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    Andrew Walker

    BoogieMan: Great modification of the original map. That is much easier to read. Thanks!

    If I ever have time to edit the original strategy guide, I might just use that version, if you don’t mind.



    Sure, feel free! It could use some cleaning up for sure though, I lined over some of the letters and a few of them aren’t quite straight. And if you look closely you can still see the outlines of the little black arrows that used to be there from the guide source image. It’d probably be better to remake it with the same method than to use that version since it is a little rough once you get a good look at it. I think maybe some arrow-tips on the lines indicating direction where you double back might further improve user friendliness.

    The original version that I uploaded is 1506×934. If anyone wants that version e-mailed to them, just let me know.



    BoogieMan: Awesome map. I tried that maze twice and just gave up. I kept missing something and the gate at the end would not open! 😮 I’ll definitely try it again with your map!

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