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    I’m enjoying the title, but I found a little loophole that was likely unintended.

    I find it a little odd that fish farming is more lucrative than killing monsters (at least around Alfheim). A few minutes with Junk Bait and the Thin Pole net 1200gp, while wandering looking for monsters takes more time (and can be more difficult).

    This may be exacerbated by the relatively low encounter rate on Standard (instead of Grind).

    For Last Dream II, maybe reducing the rate at which fish prices climb?


    Andrew Walker

    Good suggestion, d_a_ball.

    The prices do climb to fairly exorbitant heights near the end of the game. We’ll likely trim the rate of increase for LD II although it should be noted that while your fishing, your not gaining experience, so it might not be so black and white.



    I am with Andrew here, you don’t gain any XP. It is true you gain money but SP can only take you so far, same with equipment. Plus it takes a while. I even have a sweet controller with turbo/toggle features, it helps. You really need to get the AP to buff your char up, you plateau so easily just buffing via fishing methods. From what I learned from Mark it is really good way to get your character started on a Legendary Game to get the passive Skill buffs ASAP.



    I agree that cash is no substitute for XP. I just found the encounter rate on standard a little slow for cash growth in the early game, relative to fishing.

    Another area that fish farming may affect is the casino.
    I haven’t gotten to the casino yet, so I don’t know how fishing compares to that. But since the casino deals in cash (unlike some other games where the casino deals in tokens), fishing vs. casino is a direct comparison. Looking at the strategy guide, a lot of effort went into building the casino. I’m hoping that the casino is an easy place to earn cash (because there are achievements for that), but the rate at which fish prices climb, make me suspect it is not as fast as fishing.



    I’m currently using a luring rod and casino gets me cash easier, I also seldom sell my fish, since they are more valuable as healing/MP/boost/bomb items, mostly cause I don’t have a white mage nor a black mage, so trimming prices for fish won’t make much difference …. except make it harder to repeat-fish since bait is quite expensive.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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