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    Josh Mellon

      Please expand upon this list and we will conduct polls to prioritize your preferences.

      Muhammad Ahmad Khan

    • In-game Trading Cards
    • Voiced Major/Recurring NPC Characters
    • Idle Animations
    • Co-op Mode
    • Original Art, Animation, Sprites


    • Multi-Player Mode (e.g. host or join someone’s data)
      1. BoogieMan:

      2. Difficulty Scaling Options (e.g. “Off – No scaling; Story – Only story relevant bosses ; All – All boss enemies”)
      3. Zoom Out for Ship/Sub (30-50%) and Airship (50-100%) and/or Mini-Map Toggle.
      4. Hidden Islands that Only Appear on the Map Once Found
      5. Ability to Reassign Your Characters’ Stat Points for a Fee
      6. More Terrain Variance Underwater.
      7. BoogieMan’s Other (Awesome) Itemized Concepts Below!
        1. Jeremy Black:

        2. Mercenary Hall Hire/Exchange Characters
          1. PanzerAzelSaturn

          2. Scripted Airship Battles (e.g. separate battle engine)
          3. Synthesize Without Unequipping
          4. Give Last Dream a Subtitle to Aid Google Searches
          5. Enemy Encounter Tiles
          6. Separate Ship/Moa Battle Backgrounds
          7. Ultimate Fishing Gear: a Net for Use While Sailing
          8. Male/Female Character Portrait Choices
            1. Matt Malm

            2. Equip Two Weapons (i.e. with DEF, ACC, etc. tradeoffs)
              1. Calisca

              2. Optional Random Dungeons (e.g. appear only for a brief period)
              3. White Mage Critical Healing Spells
                1. gad

                2. Desperation Attacks (e.g. FF6)
                3. Sprite Appearance Changes with Equipment
                4. Catalog Synthesis Items (e.g. mark a recipe to auto-reserve battle rewards, hide unwanted recipes
                5. Streamline Synthesis Storehouse (see gad’s explanation below)
                6. Fishing Puzzles (to decrease monotony yet preserve speed run balancing)
                  1. kai

                  2. Grey-out Unavailable Fishing Rods
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                  Optional Random dungeon and White mage Critical healing spells were suggested by me 🙂



                  IS this for LD1 or LD2?

                  If for LD2 don’t forget about desperation attacks, like FF6 but not like FF7 limit breaks. They are too flashy, FF6 is nice and elegant. The allure of these was the unique, awesome and subtle animation when they were executed… plus the ludicrous damage. I could reference a few vids as to why they rule if needed =) =)

                  Another thing I remember discussing was making character sprites more dynamic. When certain equipment was equipped your sprite reflected it, like how your weapon changes. But allow for certain helms/robes/capes/breastplates etc. to be visible. It would need to be done in a way that doesn’t make different classes who wear similar gear look the same in battle obviously.

                  Also the synthesis system rework to remind/catalog ingredients easier. One possibility is being able to mark a recipe and auto-mark subsequent ingredients from rewards as reserved. Until the target amount for each ingredient in marked recipes has been reached. That way you don’t accidentally sell stuff you really want to the remains collector, and you can still dump your excess without having to do much thinking/cataloging with the storehouse. As well as being able to hide unwanted recipes you find to reduce clutter. When I originally suggested this I mentioned a menu like Achievements to track progress. I think that may be unnecessary now. It seems like a lot of extra work to describe synthesis/weapon upgrades. The reminder/marking ability of recipes/ingredients is sufficient really.

                  The storehouse withdraw/store options could be streamlined without having to back all the way out to switch from withdraw to deposit. Another thing that is hard is when something you want to store is already in the storehouse. You have to withdraw it all, you can’t deposit on a spot that already has something. It adds an additional step to adding to your storehouse inventory.

                  Simple-ish Fishing Puzzles too, in order to reduce the monotony of the bling-bling waiting haha. But still balancing for speed runs. I originally stated I thought they should happen instantly, but that isn’t fair for speed runs. But it shouldn’t be overly complicated either.

                  Thanks for reading 🙂

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                  Knight’s Destroy armor attack should probably have the weapon hit sound attached to it as well as the debuff sound. Looks kind of weird the way he flies in there and silently stabs them.

                  In the Abandoned Laboratory, this is a book with a small typo. It reads “\Jude the Obscure – Thomas Hardy”

                  When you’re climbing down ropes/vines you currently do so with your back, instead of facing it. It also might look a little better if character speed was reduce a little while doing so.


                  30-50% zoom out when using Ship/Sub and 50-100% zoom out when using Airship to aid in navigation so less map checking needs to be done. And/Or mini map toggle.

                  Hidden Islands that don’t show on map until you see them.

                  Randomized/Procedurally Generated Hunter’s guild kill targets (or if you’re feeling ambitions, monsters in general) that get assigned random abilities and assigned a monster model that would be relevant to those types of attacks and the level, etc. Perhaps a dungeon or a strange continent somewhere would host these creations. Something similar could be done for the Arena.

                  Capture and train your own monsters to fight in an arena. Similar to the monster arena in Dragon Quest VIII. That was awesome.

                  Ability to reset your character’s level up points so you can reassign them with a fee that increases with level, or perhaps one time only per playthrough.

                  More Terrain variance underwater.

                  Low chance for encounters against flying monsters while using the airship. Some of the enemies could be weak against Wind attacks which in my experience so far is the least useful spell element.

                  Harbor Master that you can pay to get your ship moved to a different city-based port. Seems like it’ll always have to be left at the Northern continent as it is now? Not a big deal I know. Just a thought.

                  Ability to choose from 1 of 2 advanced classes. For example: Knight to Dark Knight or Paladin.

                  His abilities I believe could use some adjustment, Taunt and Human Shield being somewhat redundant for example. I know they are available at quite difference times, but Human Shield seems to make Taunt mostly worthless. Perhaps remove Taunt, rename Human Shield to Taunt and replace Taunt with something called Cover or Defend. A non-passive ability that has a decent chance to make him jump in front of and take the hit of an ally who is at 25% or less HP. Once per round at most. Other than lower mana costs, his Dark Knight abilites completely triviliaze most of his Knight skills. Zeal gets replaced by ground slam, Smite is only useful a few times when you’re almost out of mana. Why hit/stun an enemy instead of hitting them for much much more damage? and so on.

                  Black Mage: Ability to cast spells on a single target. 10% more damage, 35% less mana cost. This would make them a little more efficient and useful at lower levels. Maybe a toggle key. Defaults to all targets, press a key, changes to pick a target.

                  Crit/Dodge chance increased a little when at critically low health – adrenaline rush!

                  And here are some things that might be a bit difficult, but might be nifty.

                  3 levels of intelligence that are assigned to enemies, and the specifics of each adjusted by difficulty levels.

                  Basic Intelligence
                  Common monsters. Just do whatever, much like most enemies now that seem to randomly select from a pool of abilities.

                  Moderate Intelligence
                  Boss monsters, and other enemies that are a step above those that are purely instinctual or mindless that won’t try to apply debuffs that are already applied, might be able to *occasionally* cure themselves of debuffs if they are humanoid(use potions) or have appropriate spells. And Have a higher chance to focus targets together, provided things like taunt aren’t in effect. Common enemies have a chance to attempt to flee from combat when gravely injured or are the last one standing.

                  High Intelligence
                  Sentient Beings and other superior monsters. They take note if you’re immune to certain attacks/debuffs and don’t try to use them again, but they have to see the resistance first, not just innately know. Can cure/heal themselves occasionally if able, and will try to deal with high threat sources (Mage hitting them with spells they are weak against) and react by casting appropriate defensive spells.

                  Cooldowns on debuffs, so enemies don’t spam them. Which can lead to annoying or drawn out fights and often leaves them doing very little actual damage to the players.

                  That’s it for now.

                  If you’d be at all interested, I’d love to come up with class/ability ideas. Just let me know.


                  Josh Mellon

                  Holy WOW! You guys have great ideas. Thanks for letting us benefit from your awesome insights!



                  Going along with what Matt Malm said… I love how in Phatasy Star IV you can actually have your mages equip dual shields… I love the image of a frail little mage hiding behind his shields waiting for a chance to cast a spell. So basically, no offense at the expense of some pretty extreme defense. I like this for my heal tank, that way the healer rarely end up dead 🙂

                  Love, love, love these two ideas from BoogieMan:

                  30-50% zoom out when using Ship/Sub and 50-100% zoom out when using Airship to aid in navigation so less map checking needs to be done. And/Or mini map toggle.

                  Hidden Islands that don’t show on map until you see them.

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