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    Google Flights, the Big G service that allows you to search for air flights and compare the prices of different companies, becomes smarter: it will alert users when the tickets for the chosen destination are going to increase in price . The news, the company specifies on his blog, will arrive in the coming weeks. In time for departures on Christmas and New Year. Google Flights will show the rates of the flights searched and will also indicate when it assumes that these may vary. The search engine will base its forecasting of flight data history. In case you do not need to book a specific flight, the service will also offer advice on other routes, indicating alternative dates and airports. In the same way Google will update the search engine for hotels,

    Google has updated its search engine for Google Flights online with some useful changes that will save money if they want to book an online flight.

    The main and most interesting change is the analysis of the price trends of the flights examined: taking advantage of the historical, Google Flights is able to predict with a certain degree of precision if the cost for an air route could increase or decrease in the following days , warning accordingly with a pop up if it is the case to wait or instead to book immediately.

    To be more precise, Google can also provide an estimate of how many days the price could increase, how much it could increase, and the percentage of how often the increase has historically happened for similar tracts in the past.

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    Of course Google Flights can not guarantee that what happened in the past is repeated, but provides users with all the tools to make an informed decision about when it might be better to buy the ticket rather than “go to nose”.

    Beyond that, Google has made it easier to discover offers for hotels in selected destinations. Previously, the offers on the price list of each hotel could be observed; now there is a new offers tab that will help people find good hotel rates that may not even have been taken into consideration.

    The new features are already available on Google Flights, accessible from the official page at this link .
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