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    The artificial intelligence of Google is already able to predict flight delays

    Thanks to machine learning algorithms, Google Flights can provide information on delays before airlines or airports communicate them to passengers.

    The best applications to plan your vacationsThe best applications to plan your vacations
    An algorithm could avoid flight delaysAn algorithm could avoid flight delays
    Flight delays represent one of the biggest nuisances when flying, because the user can not do anything to overcome them and, at the same time, their effects can become critical if after landing they have to travel on a flight of connection. Given that it is something that can not be fought against, Google has set out to offer more and better information than is normally offered by airports and airlines.

    For this, it has integrated automatic learning algorithms in Google Flights able to find out which flights are going to be delayed, even before being registered by the companies. We do not speak, of course, of information that is offered days or weeks in advance, but will probably reach the passengers once they are waiting at the airport. The good part, despite the little margin available, is that the information reassures and, above all, allows decisions to be made and anticipate future problems related to the delay in question.

    For the information to be provided, the prediction will have to be equal to or greater than 80% in terms of probability of being fulfilled , so that false positives do not occur. Thanks to the publicly available database, Google will use the historical data of a journey when predicting delays. This does seem relatively simple, because the delays of some airlines are explained simply by the tight schedules of arrival and departure of the same plane.
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    The interface with which Google will show the delays will be the same as now informs of the embarkation doors and the boarding and take-off schedules, that is, a card like those popularized by Google Now, which was also famous for offering relevant information for users (such as the boarding gate of a specific flight) prior to the airport information screens.

    Finally, Google Flights also gains relevance at the time of purchasing the tickets, because now, in addition to the sale price that is advertised on the different websites, it will also offer the final price of the ticket , counting possible charges for seat choice or for exceeding the weight or the packages allowed in the cabin.

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