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    In December, Google Flights , the Mountain View metasearch of air travel, released a new version of the platform with some interesting updates.
    The usability has certainly improved with most of the essential information already included in the first reservation screen, such as the available space for the legs, the presence of wifi, usb sockets and video entertainment.

    In addition now Google Flights has two new features: the first is the reporting of the average delay of flights : if one route has accumulated delay recently, Google will make a red writing that warns of a chronic problem and that can help to better plan the rest of the trip if you choose that operator anyway.

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    Another feature that will be highly appreciated by professionals in the field is that Google now warns you if the flight you are going to book is cheaper in travel agency : at the moment it is just a non-clickable string with the phrase “book through a travel agency” . An invitation therefore to go to a store to verify that price but in the future Google could also allow sponsorship to travel agencies that have an online booking system. Below you can see two simulations with flights from Milan to China and to Central America.
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