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    I found that sometimes, there is hidden items in the decor (like in a bucket or so). I would like some info regarding that:
    Is there only these hidden items in town? Or can we finf them in dungeon?
    What’s the range of objects where there can be something? (ex: furniture+ pots and similar. So nothing in the bushes/tree and haystack)
    Could the creator post the number of hidden items by place? (This isn’t something I would ask normally, but the game is so huge, a lot of rooms are also huge and you have no clue about this (No message when you search in the same type of objects in what you can find items, no glowing, … it’s not even said in the tutorial).
    I know that this isn’t necessary to complete the game but as a completionist, I am still looking for.


    Andrew Walker

    Great question:

    1) Items are only hidden in towns. There are no items hidden in dungeons.
    2) Items are generally hidden in bookcases, barrels, pots, and other shelves. There shouldn’t be anything in plants (bushes/trees) or in other interior furninute.
    3) The number of items (and their specific locations) for each area is not recorded in any of our official documents. It’s meant to be a mystery since none of these items are “key items”.



    Just adding a footnote here: I actually found an item (a potion, I think) in a chair in one of the houses. I don’t recall which house, but I was doing my usual indoor tour around to click on all of the bookcases, tables, etc., and accidentally clicked on a chair, when – Boinnggg – what a surprise! I’ve found nothing else in any chairs or beds, and I seem to recall that there was something sort of special about that particular chair, though I don’t recall exactly what. I’ll keep my eyes peeled and see if I can find it again. I’m pretty sure I’d recognize it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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