How do I camp?

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    I’m a bit late coming into Last Dream, but I’m totally loving the game. It has just about all of the elements that I enjoy in an RPG, the main one being the ability to wander and explore to my heart’s content. Thanks to the folks at White Giant for making this awesome game.

    Everything in the game is working great for me except for camping. I’ve tried using all of the different camping items (tent, cottages, etc.), but none of them restore my characters’ HP & MP. When I’m in the world map and click on camp in the menu, I’m given an opportunity to save my game, but that’s it. There’s no change in stats, but the tent or cottage or whatever I used is consumed.

    I have my game set up so that I can save whenever I like, so all I really need from the camping items is the restoration of my party’s stats. I carry lots of potions for restoring HP, but potions for MP are few and far between. Once my people run out of mana and mana potions, I either have to run to an inn (which isn’t always feasible) or else just hack and slash my way through, which gets boring.

    I hope someone is still reading the forum and can help me out. Thanks, folks.


    Andrew Walker

    I’m sure you’ve discovered the answer to this by now, but in case someone else has the same problem:

    You camp by selecting the “Camp” option in the main menu. You can only do so from the World Map.

    Note that only Cottages restore MP. Tents and Sleeping Bags only restore HP.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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