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    I’ve completed about 30 puzzles so far, most of them quite swiftly and in 0 to 2 resets. I only had to look at the guide twice or so and one of those was because I felt it was going to take too long with trial and error so I felt I was doing good.

    Until this 1-15 number puzzle in the ice cave. The way the numbers are moved just seems so strange to me. And the guide for it seems to be pretty much pointless. Looking at the others it pretty much handholds you through them. But for this it is basically telling “move them to the correct locations” Well yeah, that much is obvious. But the way they are moved isn’t so simple as that. It seems to me the best way to describe the solution is by saying “up, right right, left up” – that sort of thing. As it is I think this is the first puzzle I’m going to walk away from and do later. I’d bet 99.99% of the people on the planet could not successfully get the 45 seconds required for the the full reward in 10 tries. Especially those like me with no prior experience with puzzles of this nature. I got much faster when I realized how you hard to sort of shift them into potion in circle movements, but I’m not even close to the timer.

    Anyone have a better way of explaining it? Simply the path you move up to the top to get started would change the way you’d have to solve it. I’ve liked all the other puzzles for the most part.. Just not this one. I think 45 seconds is an extremely unrealistic expectation. I imagine there might be a simple trick to it, but I burned over an hour and my best time was a pathetic 4-5 minutes. I kept getting held up on the corner numbers.


    Andrew Walker

    BoogieMan – This is the famous “Boat Puzzle” from the both the original Final Fantasy and the Playstation Remake of Final Fantasy I in Final Fantasy Origins (where the reward for 1st place was 10,000G!). After we’ve all played it so many times, we may have underestimated it’s difficulty.

    There is a simple algorithm to solve the puzzle though. You can find it in this FAQ for Final Fantasy Origins:

    Search for: J1. Ship Jigsaw Puzzle Solution

    It has a detailed explanation of the best way to solve the puzzle.

    Hope that helps!

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    Josh Mellon

    BoogieMan – wow, it sounds like you’re generally knocking out our puzzles with seeming ease.

    The Ice Cave number puzzle is hard. Everyone on our team can beat it in under 45 seconds, but that is primarily because we played this puzzle in NES Final Fantasy and the Playstation Remake (a relatively secret way to build gold). You have identified the fundamental trick, which is leveraging the circle movements. The next step is to work with the numbers in sets (e.g. if 1, 2, and 3 are already in position, you would move them one at a time – but in order – to position 5, 1, and 2, respectively, to place 4 in position 3; then you would move the set back in position – with 4 now – one at a time)… but this puzzle is hard to explain or follow based on instructions.

    We are willing to expand the minimum time required to achieve the top treasure. We specifically set out to implement increasingly challenging puzzles as the game progresses; however, we don’t want any single puzzle to overly frustrate people or prevent them from acquiring every Achievement. Hence, let’s revisit this issue after you play some of the later puzzles and we hear from other people. If you and others are resolute that this particular puzzle is abnormally difficult, we will adjust the time setting.



    Thanks for the tips and links, while that explains how to do it, very little of the difficulty is derived from completing the puzzle as it is about doing it with very little error very quickly. I imagine I could improve the time using that method but I think I’m going to shelve this one for a good while and maybe come back to it when I go achievement hunting much farther down the road.



    I think one of my favorites was Puzzle #17 – The Old Alexandrian Outpost C – the one where you have to turn all the tiles green.

    I kept messing around in the upper right corner convinced that if I got them offset from each other properly I could eventually solve it that way. After 5 minutes of getting no where I sat there and thought about it and looked around, then I noticed the key to it. I literally facepalmed myself at because it seemed so obvious now that I had noticed it. I thought it was funny how I was over complicating it in my mind such that I was oblivious to the simple solution.



    I am usually very good with this type of puzzle (1-15) but I’ve just spend about 30 minutes of practice to get it under 45 seconds.

    This is possible, but just very energy demanding. I think that the biggest problem is that we cannot move them according to the way we want (right now, if we want to move it right, you would need to press left), which hinders the processing time. For some people, going backward can be extremely challenging. I think that we can keep the time limit, but at least change the way how the keys are arranged.


    Andrew Walker

    One option is to hold your controller upside down =)



    omg that is SO smart! why didn’t I think of that TT_TT!!!!



    Haha, that is a good idea. Would be a bit awkward with a keyboard but I might give that a try when I make my way back there, or maybe rebinding the controls to compensate..

    Reminds me of back in the 90s when my bro and I was playing a Prince of Persia game on SNES, there was a level somewhere that you had to deal with that rotated the screen upside down. So we turned the TV upside down and aced it since it was essentially back to normal, heheh.

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    Finally succeeded in clearing this in under 45 seconds. At first, I had a bit of trouble completing it all. After realizing how you were supposed to treat 9 and 13 as a set, however, it became very simple, and merely a matter of how speed. After that, I had to spend a lot of time trying to clear if quickly enough, with as little errors as possible. Hard, considering the way the controls seem to be ‘reversed’, in my opinion. And the opinion of some others as well, it seems like.
    After a bit of practice, I could easily get 50 seconds or so. But that was not enough. Finally, after many tries, I managed to get a time of 40 seconds.

    So yes, the time required should be expanded. Not a lot. A time limit of 60 seconds would be more than enough for me.

    …Or, you could just make it possible to change the controls in the puzzle. The reversed controls cause a lot of errors, thus taking time.

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