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    Each class at the beginning of the game could activate a second class between two possible choices.
    The second class active from specials quest in active.
    One character is possible more ability you have direction choices and combination.

    Knight [KN] – Dark Knight [DK]
    Paladin [PA] and Gladiator [GL]

    Monk [MO] – Black Belt [BB]
    Barbarian [BA] and Samurai [SA]

    Thief [TH] – Ninja [NJ]
    Dragoon [DR] and Cannoneer [CA]

    Hunter [HU] – Beast Tamer [BT]
    Amazon [AM] and Dancer [DA]

    Gray Mage [GM] – Sage [SG]
    Geomancer [GE] and Oracle [OR]

    White Mage [WM] – Priestess [PR]
    Summoner [SU] and Bard [BA]

    Black Mage [BM] – Warlock [WL]
    Necromancer [NE] and Time Mage [TM]

    Engineer [EN] – Physicist [PH]
    Druid [DR] and Mime [MI]
    And possible the level up is custom not use the script level gain the point.

    Exemple: One variable use the level value for one character and all stats is too.
    equals 11 value for one character use custom menus MAX HP, MAX MP, ATK, DEF, INT, MGD, AGI, PRE, ACC and value point and max points.
    It is the nice look or Add depending on the class of bonuses of stats very varied for the bonus increase for each class.
    Adding skill levels of 200 or more in the possible use, minor and major skills use other classes.
    Example A warrior may use low monk skill and low level thief skill.
    Just the ideas it is from me.

    Thanx for look the message ^^

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