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    I totally love this game. It is the best RPG that I have played in a extremely long time!! I have a few things that have come up though that have stumped me because I am playing with a keyboard.

    1) The Moa Races. I would love to be able to finish the races, however, I am having a difficult time with mashing. I can only get 43 “mashes” in the beginning race and can’t seem to get anything past that. For me, even if I could get past the mashing, I still would not be able to complete the race because I have had wrist issues in the past.

    I am wondering if for LD2 if there could be an option for those of us that play RPG on a keyboard and another option for those who play with controllers. Maybe have those who have controllers do the mashing and the keyboard have another thing to do that won’t be as hand intensive.

    2) I am stuck in one of the puzzles in the Asgard (sp?) sewer with all of the spikes. I was able to get the chests but tried to L+R and nothing happened. I tried using a warp stone and was unable to do that. I have tried L+R different ways – cap L, then +, cap R; lowercase l, +, lowercase r, using the left + right arrows, just using left and right arrows. I’m guessing I’m doing something wrong. Would love to be able to finish this puzzle. Any help would be great!

    3) Is there a way to assign letters to menu options? For instance, I would love to have the “a” key be reassigned to “esc” since that is what I am used to. Not a biggie.

    Other than that, I am really enjoying the game and look forward to LD2!!


    Andrew Walker

    woodlandpearl: I’m glad you’re enjoying the game! In response to your questions:

    1) See the Moa Races Topic for some suggestions on how to get more than 43 button mashes. You might try recruiting a friend to share the work.

    2) I think the confusion is that L+R doesn’t refer to L & R on the keyboard but rather L & R buttons like on a SNES controller. On the keyboard, the corresponding buttons are Q+W.

    3) You can remap your buttons on the Keyboard by pressing F1 while in game. Then go to the Keyboard tab and you’ll be able to change all of the in-game buttons.

    If you have any other questions, please let us know.



    Hi Andrew,

    Thank you so much. The Q+W worked like a charm and I was able to finish the sewer puzzle

    I just realized that I need to win the Moa Races to get Thor’s Hammer in order for the dwarf to make adamantine (sp?) weapons and armor. I will check out the Moa topic to see if I can get the 45 mashes that are required.

    Thanks for the remapping info. I will definitely remap some of the keys.

    Also, I found out that I wasn’t able to complete the puzzles in the desert with the shifting sand – I think using the keyboard is a disadvantage again in these puzzles (like the Moa races).

    EDIT – I was asking about equipping swords to my ninja and totally thought my monk was the ninja instead of my thief!!!!

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