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    Andrew Walker

    We’re currently brainstorming skill ideas for the Last Dream expansion pack. We plan to add new skills at levels 35, 40, 45, and 50 at the very least. If you have any great skill ideas, please post them here. Please make them specific to a particular level and character class. Thanks!



    That is good to know, along with that I wish they have more features to work with and so we have multiple choices. It is more than a demolition games of RPG for me, that makes me like it.



    Here’s some thoughts I had, these skills could work at level 35 or 45.

    Mystical Defense: Swap your current defense and magic defense for the battle. MP cost 100.

    Cleansing Aura: Party becomes immune to status effects for 5 turns, MP cost 50.

    Certain Strike: Do 2x damage to all enemies with 100% accuracy. MP cost 50

    Rare Steal: Steal rare items from enemy at triple odds. MP cost 35.

    Gray Mage:
    Mystical Weapon (Passive) : Weapon Damage is now calculated by the highest of Atk or Int.

    Black Mage:
    Syphon Soul: Deal 500 non elemental damage to all enemies, heal the party for 100, MP cost 100.

    White Mage:
    Regen 2: Double HP rate and also regenerates mana at 10 per turn. MP cost 250.

    Element scourge: Give an enemy a random elemental weakness.


    Andrew Walker

    Thanks for those ideas. We’ve filled out the Expansion Pack skill tree but we do have open spaces in the Last Dream II skill tree. We’ll definitely keep those in mind for LD II.



    Gray Mage : Refresh (regen MP each turn), Wall or (Mirror) -> reflect a spell on the caster

    White Mage : Cure 4/5 and Heal 4/5, Protect 2/3, Shell (MGD+)

    Black Mage : METEOR, Quake, Tornado, Flare …

    Knight : Remedy, Bodyguard (take physical damage for an ally/random for a turn)

    Thief : Image (fade 1 or 3 images/ghost to avoid physical/magical attack), Advanced Greed, Trowing (trow a weapon/items)

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