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    Hi everyone!

    I am having a little bit of trouble with the Moa Races. I usually do not have any problem with the accuracy and the button matching but I cannot do the button mashing very well. my best record was only 43 and I average to 39 normally. with this, I can never win the beginning race. I know that it’s not necessary to win the races but I really want to get the rewards. Any tips to help a poor girl with some really painful fingers from mashing~?


    Andrew Walker

    Haha, sorry about the sore fingers. Over time I’ve come to like the following position best for button mashing with a controller:

    1) Put your controller on a hard surface.
    2) Put your left hand on top of the controller to stabilize it, instead of on the side when you’re holding it normally.
    3) To button mash, use your ring and index fingers (tightly intertwined) rather than your thumb.

    If you’re using a keyboard, I don’t really have any good tips except to stabilize it with your off-hand while you use your ring or index finger to button mash.

    Hopefully, this helps a little bit. =)



    Sadly, I don’t have a controller. I only have a keyboard. I use my index or middle finger to mash and never my thumb. I play piano so I thought I had an advantage (but I guess not). I even taped my keyboard to the desk and used two hands to mash (didn’t help at all). haha!

    I guess that I should go buy a controller tmr? *sob* civic holiday TT_TT!



    If you get a controller with smooth enough buttons you can use a method I devised back in my NES days that I call the manual turbo controller. You get a shirt or some other smooth fabric that you can put your fingers in to so it’s tight up against them and taut. You then lay the controller on the floor/desk and rapidly slide your fingers over the buttons. The low friction from fabric makes it so you can slide over the buttons easily. Sometimes the tips of you fingernails(having much lower friction than your skin) can work as well if you’re not concerned with scuffing. Depending on the program’s response time, you can space your fingers out slightly so that each finger that slides over the button is like a new keypress, you can get 12 presses a second or so if you do it right. Barring that, your index and ring finger side by side should a good job. This technique actually beat some of the early turbo controllers, until you got tired of course. 🙂

    For a keyboard or mouse, I’ve gotten the fastest presses by rapidly alternating my index and ringer finger down on the same button. Take your arm/wrist completely out of the equation, they’re slower than your fingers moving independently. I got 130-140 on the button mash casino game doing this on my best attempt, but probably averaged 118ish, if I recall.

    If you’re not above some low level cheating you can use keyboard/mouse software to make a turbo macro to use. If your devices don’t support anything like this, there are 3rd party programs that you can make macros with.

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    I can get up to about 140 in the casino button mashing game (10 seconds), but it hurts my fingers a lot, so I use a macro program that copies my speed, it’s cheating, but i’m only extending my stamina. 😛

    Oh yeah, my technique for clicking is like an epileptic attack on my finger xD, I would click about 2 times faster on a mouse, since the keyboard doesn’t register all my vibrations.


    Andrew Walker

    Wow, 140 button smashes. You guys put me to shame. I think I can get up to just over 100 at best.



    i just finished the moa races, had to start using the macro at the 2nd attempt of master races since my fingers started shaking, but I read the guide and it said I don’t get speed boosts over 50 🙁 so a lot of waste of energy getting 80 button mashes.



    Greetings everyone:) Could someone please tell me, if I can use my mouse to play this game? I am eager to start playing. However, if I am unable to use my mouse, I do not think I will be playing this game.
    Also, if there is a way, could it pleased be explained to me step by step, since I truly am inept when it comes to computers. I have Windows 7 if this helps.
    I look forward to anyones help. Thanks and have a great day all:)



    I was looking around for a third party macro program and I was not sure which one would work. Does any third party macro program work or would it have to be specifically made for games?


    Andrew Walker

    woodlandpearl: What do you mean exactly by a third-party macro program? What would be the purpose of the program?

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