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    Andrew: Not sure – I have read that people have used a third party macro to get through the mashing the button part of the game. I have wrist problems (carpal tunnel twice) and I cannot get through any of the finger mashing puzzles. I’ve read that there are programs out there that record the # of times that you “mash” the buttons and then you can use that to help get through the races. I was going to bypass the Moa races completely until I found out I need the hammer. So I am totally bummed because I cannot get above 43 and then my carpal tunnel starts to act up so I have been away from the game for about two days now. 🙁 Not fun at all. I am enjoying the game immensely, but with using a keyboard and having wrist problems it makes it a bit frustrating. I wish there was another way to get the hammer instead of the races. I also bypassed two puzzles in the desert (wind direction) because that was also causing some issues with my wrist. Another place I did not visit was the casino because I read that you also need to mash – the mashing just doesn’t work for me.

    On another note, I’m ok with not getting the 50th puzzle prize (I only completed 47 of the 50 – the last one I need to do is the maze and I did something wrong with that one because the gate would not open at the end). But…I would love to be able to create weapons and armor with adamantine (sp?) and get a sword like Excalibur…however, it looks like that won’t happen. 🙁


    Andrew Walker

    woodlandpearl: I believe this might work for you:

    It’s supposed to allow functionality like what you want, where you can turn a certain key into a “turbo” key. You should be able to press a key and have it turbo / button mash another key 50 or 100 times.

    Be sure to read the documentation for it.

    Let me know if it works for you.

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    I understand about the carpal tunnel! the puzzles for the desert can be done without speed. if you choose to stay in a spot where there r 2 squares and you kinda wait the wind out (i would just make sure that as soon as the wind changes, i walk. when the wind isn’t pushing at the direction i want, i just press 1 key to go back to the original spot. with that, i passed it without injuring my wrist XD! (i failed moa race just like u rofl)! wrist problems ><!!!

    the maze doesn’t account into the 50 puzzles (correct me if im wrong). but the one that will be very hard to pass is the one in the mine of dvergar if you have CP. but if you get onto the 4th tile (when you get onto the tiles, wait 1 second before you start walking and that will make u land on 4th tile), you can still do it.

    for casino, there are other games in it, like accuracy, button matching, slot machines, etc! its not just button smashing! you should totally go there and grab the treasures and fight those guards!


    Andrew Walker

    elvira813: You’re right that the Hedge Maze doesn’t count toward the 50 puzzles. You can see each one that counts in the Collections menu under puzzles.

    Also, the strategy that you described for the Alexandrian Desert puzzles is my preferred strategy as well. Trying to sprint through those puzzles makes it much more difficult.



    Andrew Walker: Thank you! I will try it. School just started for me so I’ll need to wait until I have a bit of free time. I’ll let you know if it worked.

    elvira813: Thank you! I thought I had to keep “mashing” to get through those desert puzzles but I’ll see if I can get through them with your method. Oh – I thought the maze was part of the puzzles…hmm…I’ll need to see which puzzle I forgot to do. I’ll try the casino too.

    Thanks both of your for help!



    I cheated for the moa races. Shamelessly.
    I hate button mashing.
    CPUKiller to slow down a bit the accuracy section, manually disabled for the button mashing ones, where an Autohotkey script did the mashing for me.

    Here is AHK script I used for whose who wish.

    #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 3
    Joy8:: ; hotkey (here a trigger on my controller)
    SetKeyDelay ,10,10
    #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 1
    if KeepWinZRunning ; This means an underlying thread is already running the loop below.
    KeepWinZRunning := false ; Signal that thread’s loop to stop.
    return ; End this thread so that the one underneath will resume and see the change made by the line above.
    ; Otherwise:
    KeepWinZRunning := true
    ; The next four lines are the action you want to repeat (update them to suit your preferences):
    ;Send, a
    Send, z
    Sleep 25
    ;Send, x
    ; But leave the rest below unchanged.
    if not KeepWinZRunning ; The user signaled the loop to stop by pressing the hotkey again.
    break ; Break out of this loop.
    KeepWinZRunning := false ; Reset in preparation for the next press of this hotkey.

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    Andrew Walker

    Thanks for posting this script for people who dislike button mashing.

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