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    Flight and hotel reservations can now be made directly from Google search results. Big G announces that it has improved its system to make life easier for users planning a trip from smartphones.

    The search engine, in short, is updated to allow you to book without leaving the circuit of Google, and to provide more tools and information to users who want to find accommodation and air at the desired prices in the destinations to be reached. This means that you aim to reduce the need to visit other travel portals.

    In recent months, Google has repeatedly intervened to add updates on the search for hotels and flights. Since last December, Google Flights allows users to get tips on when it is better to book in the desired destination. But also information on prices: if they are lower than usual and if they are expected to further decrease, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms.

    Also for the living area Big G introduced some new features. When you are looking for a hotel, Google can inform you if the prices of a room are cheap compared to the season or if the destination chosen on that date coincides with holidays, festivals and conferences, which could of course , cause higher costs.

    More recently, a new function has been introduced in Google Flights that allows the artificial intelligence to predict the delay of a flight with the help of artificial intelligence.

    And in the coming days, as Eric Zimmerman , manager of the Mountain View company, explains , in his home page two sections will appear, one dedicated to hotels, the other, private and only viewable by the user, called “Your do you travel”.

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    With the first option, it will be possible to have availability and prices of hotels corresponding to the flight dates to be booked. While the second, which can be accessed offline through the Google Trips app, will allow you to make any changes to reservations, have available monitored flight prices, information on previous trips and recommendations for new destinations, choices based on recorded data from the search history.
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