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    The puzzles remind me of Lufia II, and I love it!


    Andrew Walker

    Tocanis – We were definitely inspired by Lufia II. There are tons of great puzzles in that game.


    Josh Mellon

    gad – Here is an analysis of our current synthesis system and ideas for improvements (primarily thanks to Joshua Lancaster):

    Issue: It is difficult to determine which monster items are preferential to retain for the purpose of synthesizing items.

    Existing Mitigating Elements: When you visit a Synthesis Shop, the recipes for which you have all required items shows up as a bold white. You can also retain selected items via the Storehouse feature using the Monster Remains Collector (MRC), who is typically near Shops. We also implemented a feature whereby you can sell to the MRC only those monster remains that exceed 15 items, to assist with retention.

    I agree that the Synthesis system is complex, and that it is difficult to determine which monster items you need without a pad of paper.

    Proposed Solutions: (a) The ability to mark recipes such that, in the battle victory screens, you would see if you reached (or made progress) toward your desired recipes. (b) Further, marking your recipes could prevent the associated items from being sold when you do a “sell all” command with the MRC. Instead, these items would be reserved. (c) The option to hide undesired recipes from the Item menu, to reduce clutter and enhance easy review. (d) Completed recipes could appear differently in the Item menu, as an easy indication that the recipe has been completed. (e) Consider adding a Recipes menu, like achievements, to better see your status.

    EDIT – ha ha, gad is Joshua Lancaster… nice. 🙂

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    Hehe, I am Joshua 😛 although my username might not agree. I’m glad I can contribute at all, you guys are like super elite nerds. I’m not joking! For you to even consider a suggestion I have is an honor. The synthesis system is amazing, now that I have focused on it more I really enjoy the variety it adds. The pen&paper aspect isn’t too detrimental and is sort of fun. Makes me remember having grid paper to get through a dungeon. Although in-game system would be amazing.



    @Jeremy, For sure. I have a moleskin I use for games. Always love an excuse to bust it out 😉



    how can you keep playing it through with only a 3 hour limit? I cant find anywhere to buy the game to continue



    @Sadeyx, You have to re-download the demo (, when you install it you have the option to enter a license key. Or you can click buy it to buy.


    Jeremy Black

    Yay knight/gray mage/thief/engineer =D Ohhh and side note I found the town with my statue I’ll post a picture of it when I get home. I may have walked around aimlessly till I found it, but no promises. =P



    yea but when I click that button it takes me to this website, where I cant find the option to buy :s

    EDIT, sorry I found the buy option, I swore it wasnt there the other day!! lol ty



    sorry double post

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