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    Hi, got my unlock code and started playing yesterday and I’m having a great time. I am having trouble with slow down. In the town and especially on the world map the frame rate drops so low it’s really hard to play. I don’t remember this from the demo, or maybe I just wasn’t as picky before I paid for it, lol. Anyway, anyone else have this issue? I have a pretty decent XP computer, 4 gigs ram, mid level graphics card, dual core athlon, etc. I can run Starcraft II just fine on medium settings, so I’m a little confused why this game is running so poorly. Pretty sure this is an RPGmaker game and I’ve run plenty of others with no issues, like the beautiful stuff done by Freebird games.

    Anyway, complaint out of the way I wanted to say that I love FF on the NES and I love how this game feels so much like it, but also has a really modern feel to the mechanics and throws in lots of fun stuff like synthing and skill points. It’s fun to say to myself as I play, hey that’s just like Lufia II or wow, glad someone noticed the macro system from PSIV!

    Speaking of the macro system from PSIV, this leads me to a suggestion for Last Dream II, combo attacks! Using the macro system in PSIV to set up combo attacks was so awesome and I’d love to see a game do it again! No idea what all is going to be in this game (only an hour in) or what you have planned for II, but here are some other favorites of mine that I’d like to see used more often in modern games:

    Airship battles like in Skies of Arcadia, those are just so much fun.

    Township model like in BOF2, Skies, and others where you collect peeps to live in your town or your ship or whatever and get various bonuses. I loved how in BOF2 you could end up with different items sold in shops based on your decision of who to invite into your town.

    I love having distinct character classes like FF1, but I also like DQ7 and FF5 job systems… so to keep actual classes as distinct, I really loved what they did in FF9, where you learned and equipped skills like in a job system game, but still had a distinct class that you had to play as. The way you have it isn’t too far off from this actually, but feels a bit less fun than learning the FF9 way.

    Ancient Cave… self explainatory.

    That fun equipment based “limit break” system from Lufia II.

    One other thing that I really loved in Lufia II was the cool drop system, pretty much every enemy dropped something and it was great fun farming for the best equips at the end of the game.

    Cool vehicles like in PS series, with cool combat, PSIV has such fun land rover battles!

    More puzzles, Lufia, Golden Sun, and Wild Arms all have such awesome puzzles using bombs, projectiles, and other cool devices.

    Another game that really did something cool was 7th saga II, it was an RPG combined with lots of fun graphic adventure elements that I really thought was cool.

    I’ve always personally wanted to see a game where monsters can be wiped out entirely if you kill too many/mutate as time goes by if you leave some behind… just an idea.

    Also, low level enemies should just not attack, as in if you are say 20 levels above, they just don’t fight you anymore.

    An option to turn on or off targeting a new enemy when targeted enemy is killed, I always like that FF1 did not auto target if I made a math miscalculation.

    Weapon skill levels, like in Shining Force III.

    Summoning pacts for the Summoner class, like in Tales of Phantasia.

    A Star Ocean 2(3) style synthing system, so awesome!

    Maybe the ability to have more that 4 characters, so you can make one of every class and swap in as desired. It’s hard enough choosing 4 in the current game, it will be even harder when there are more choices. Etrian Odyssey does this well for a modern example. This would also allow for levels to be designed to be best for particular characters, but still beatable with any party.

    Cats. A village of cute kitty cats, just cause I like them so much πŸ™‚

    108 Stars of Destiny πŸ™‚

    The first DQ game and FF5 had some of my favorite towns… probably due to all of the hidden secrets, complex layouts (well, FF5 anyway), and fun locks to come back to later (already see some of this in LD).

    Anyway, I’m sure I’ll think of other stuff, I mean everyone wants farming, dating, photography, etc. added to everything these days, but I was just going with things that I thought would work and benefit a game of this style and type. I can’t wait to play more of this game and I think I will go and do that now. I just wanted to mention my slowdown trouble and also was excited to talk about some of my favorite features I’d love to see in the sequel. For all I know, you already planned some of that stuff or maybe I’ll find some later in LD1. Thanks for the awesome game, can’t wait to get my physical copy πŸ™‚


    Josh Mellon

    PanzerAzelSaturn – I am sorry to hear about the frame rate slowdown… you sound like a more sophisticated gamer than me, so my advice may not be of much help: I also experienced this issue on my 3-year old laptop with similar specs as yours, except for 8GB of RAM. The solution in my case required closing most other programs, including some in the background like Carbonite. That resolved the choppiness on my old laptop, and I have not experienced this issue on my newer laptop. I hope it improves for you.

    Right on – we are fully on board with combo attacks. You will see that in Last Dream II.

    I like the idea of airship battles, although on a limited scale. I have a fondness for the freedom airships typically offer.

    You definitely have other great ideas as well, some of which are already in Last Dream. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I will be interested to hear your thoughts once you play a bit further into the game.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your insights!



    Awesome Post Panzer! I think we all need to keep coming up with ideas. I guess the hard part is making sure the game doesn’t get too bogged down with stuff. But, I did not even think of photos and stuff. How to incorporate that I am not sure….yet! So far, most of the stuff that I see to improve the gameplay is aesthetic; mostly because the team at White Giant pretty much nailed it on the RPG styles of the 90’s-meets-now gameplay.
    I’m just excited to be a part of it on all fronts



    I have some minor to moderate FPS issues in the main area of Crescent Canyons. I assumed that it was an engine issue with the fast falling rocks and the large size of the area, or just perhaps the engines inability to fully utilize all the power of my video card.. Not sure. Seems like it should run flawlessly. But it’s not bad enough to make it a big deal, just something I thought I’d mention. I like that section though, it’s funny when you get nailed by the boulders.

    The only other issue I’ve had is while sailing at sea. Maybe it’s just my eyes, but the 2(?) frames of the ocean animation seem different enough from each other than it feels a bit harsh on the eyes. I don’t know how feasible it is, but personally I’d love the animation to be a tad smoother. But it’s something I can deal with in any event. Again just something I thought I’d mention, it may just be me.

    My System:
    CPU: Intel Core i7 860 (4x 2.80Ghz hypthreading cores)
    Video: NVIDIA EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (1280MB GDDR5)
    Memory 8GB G.Skill (1333Mhz DDR3)
    MB: Asus P7P55D EVO
    SSDs for OS and Games


    Josh Mellon

    BoogieMan – Nice system you have. πŸ™‚ Yes, your CPU is certainly capable of handling our animation. In the past, we have reworked the Crescent Canyon area multiple times to address the FPS slowdown that sometimes occurs. As you mentioned, the mapped area is large and the falling rocks seem to be the culprit. In other areas of the game, we have addressed this limitation by splitting up maps into sections and being selective with animations.

    Right, I agree concerning the ocean animation – we will see if we can adjust that. Thanks!



    I just realized something, the +25% crit scan from Hunter, does it give +25 to the crit stat of all party members or does it give 25% to the existing crit stat of all party members? The latter feels quite weak.


    Andrew Walker

    Good catch. It is +25% CRT rather than +25 CRT, which does feel underpowered and not what we meant the skill to do. This has been corrected and will be available in the first Last Dream update.



    I usually don’t type this, but I just fisted the air. XD



    OK, did a lot of work to try to get this game running better and learned some stuff. I updated graphics drivers with no results. I cleaned up running processes and am down to only what is system critical. No improvement. So I ran the game in windowed mode and watched my processor use and whenever there is slowdown my processor is pegged to max (50 in this case as I have a dual core and the game only seems to use one core). On the overworld my processor ranges from about 48-50 and slowdown occurs right when I reach 50. Towns range 40-50, indoors (no screen scrolling) 34-48, menu 30’s, battle 35-50 (slowdown again occurred at 50). I have an AMD Athlon 64 dual core 5000+ 2.61 ghz. I am able to run Quintessense, a much nicer looking game technically speaking, uses tons of effects and looks beautiful and watching that in windowed mode the cpu uses maxes around 35. I’d really like to get this game running better. I feel silly having to upgrade my CPU to run a game that looks like it should run in my SNES emulator! (BTW, in no way am I insulting the graphics in your game, I like simpler 2D graphics just fine.)

    Oh, and some more suggestions (which you can of course again disregard if already planned or implemented πŸ™‚

    Visible system clock while playing the game so I always know what time it is IRL!
    Quick save feature where data is deleted when loaded for those times when I have to take an emergency break.
    Weapons that hit all enemies but are weaker/weapons that hit by group of enemies like in the Lufia games.
    It’s hard to tell the difference between the 7 and the 1 during battle.
    Hoping there will be a dungeon escape item or teleport to town item, missing my escapipes!
    It would be nice to be able to name the macros as well as have a few more available.

    I’m really enjoying the game other than the slowdown and have gotten up to level 11 at this point. Hopefully you can give me some advice as to what I can do to improve performance so that I can fully appreciate the experience. I’m wondering if I should buy a new CPU or if I will just end up having the same problem? Mines certainly getting older at this point, but I never would have guessed this would be the game that would force an upgrade!



    Oh, hate to double post, but I wanted to clear up what I meant by airship battles. I didn’t mean random ones like the ship battles in Final Fantasy 1, I meant like in Skies of Arcadia where there are just a few scripted battles using a whole separate battle engine designed just for airship vs airship battles or airship vs giant enemy (like FF7 weapons) battles. The airship battles in Skies are some of the most fun and memorable turn based battles pretty much ever (although I am a bit partial to the battle system in PDS, in case one can’t tell by my user name.) I completely agree that otherwise the airship should be a combat free experience.

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