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    Andrew Walker

    Sorry for the delayed responses. We’ve all been at our annual week-long tournament.

    Driv – The Babel Citadel bug has been fixed in v1.0.2.

    Plotil – We’ll consider allowing players to use the Storehouse for recipes that they have no plans to use. That should alleviate some of the slowness of the in-game menus.

    PanzerAzelSaturn –

    1) Shortcut keys would be great. We’ll add those to our wish list for Last Dream II.
    2) Since getting 100% completion requires at least 2x playthroughs, we didn’t think it would be a big deal if certain locations were unavailable in a player’s first playthrough.
    3) You should be able to search the strategy guide for the enemy name that you want and find the dungeon location where it spawns.
    4) To catch a Blue Whale, Giant Squid, or Leviathan, you’ll have to be fishing in Saltwater. Icewater or Freshwater docks will allow you to catch the so-called “High-level” fish.
    5) The cursor issue is odd and we’ll look into it.
    6) You can miss cutscenes by not talking to certain people. I believe cutscene #7 is after you talk to the King of Doria for his Call to Arms.
    7) It’s odd that Tiamat doesn’t appear next to Bahamut. You should download the latest game update and see if that is still a problem.
    8) I believe you’re referring to the raft in the Great Southern Marsh. This issue has been fixed in the newer versions of the game.
    9) Your Ninja attacks first because of his Fast Attack skill which applies only to physical attacks or skills. When he uses an item, it takes only his PRE into account. Perhaps your Gray Mage has something equipped that gives a large PRE boost or a Fast Attack bonus? Please list his equipment and I’ll see if there is a bug in any of those equipped items.

    Thanks for all your comments. They help us continually improve the game.

    Plotil: Nice job with your Very Easy speed run.

    JelloTime: Thanks for bringing that oddity to our attention. Healing Herbs should not be avoidable. I’ll add that to the bug list.

    LeeWelo: There are a few locations where the Black Mage portrait glitch still occur. Good catch regarding inside/outside the Abyss.



    Is it possible to cheat in this game? Like either become invulnerable for a short period of time, or something along those lines?

    I’m stuck in the game, as I’m storming the castle and cannot leave the castle until I’ve collected something. I forget what, as I gave up playing the game for a few weeks because I was stuck.

    I saved my game at points inside, near the door. Unfortunately, I learned quickly that the door no longer functions as it will not permit me to leave. But, I’m too weak to defeat all the guards. I have a very old Save game that I really don’t want to go all the way back to. Unlike a lot of you guys, I’m just playing casually, and I’m not able to devote 10 hours a day to this game. A couple hours here and there is what I’m doing.

    I did try one of the RPGMaker development cheats, but that didn’t work. I get that by leaving the castle at this stage, it would be difficult because the setup that you guys have to get into the castle would no longer be valid. I’m just looking for some kind of a solution to this problem.

    I’m enjoying the game, but I’m not going to go warp back 10 hours in game play to get to where I’m at now. So if nothing can be done, I’ll just stop playing and set the disc on the shelf. Maybe one day I’ll come back to it.


    Andrew Walker

    tempestb: Please send your save file to me (at and I’ll fix your save file. If you don’t know how to access your save file because of admin or permission issues, please see the forum sections for “Bug Fixes” or “Updated and Saves”.



    I too am having problems with the game jumping or going slow espec. in the sand desert with the wind puzzle 42 & 43 so that my characters move when they shouldn’t so I get sent back to the beginning of the sand desert. this is becoming very frustrating and now I feel like I should give up on this game. I am almost at the end having done most of it and am level 70 so I would have liked to finish the game – and now my game freezes in some of the fights with the super bosses. MOST ANNOYING!! this could have been a great game. any suggestions would be a help


    Andrew Walker

    whitney: Sorry for your frustration. Regarding the game going slowly, anything you can do to improve your computer’s speed will help:

    1) Close all other non-essential processes
    2) Defragment your hard drive
    3) Restart your computer, if it’s been a long time

    Does the game actually freeze and not allow any more movement during Super Boss fights? Or does it slow down?



    Thanks for the quick reply, my computer is up to date have done all the above, yes the game freezes, then restarts with the boss’s turn meaning I miss a turn and usually end up dead, as for the sand desert quests, the game slows down, whereby my movement is not registed than picks up and by then my player is thrown back into the sand and I have to start again. I have tried following the guide to safe places but the game does not allow for this with the random jumping. Have now given up on this game


    Josh Mellon

    Hi Whitney,

    Your experience sounds very frustrating. We don’t want anyone to stop playing due to computer issues, but since that appears to be your situation, we would be willing to issue a refund, if you like. If you purchased Last Dream via, please send your full name, approximate purchase date, and the last five alphanumeric digits of your License Key to, and we will refund the purchase price. If you obtained Last Dream through Kickstarter, just send us your email address and we will issue a refund via PayPal.

    Best Regards,




    Thank you Josh, but I would rather keep trying with the game even though it is frustrating. Would it be possible if I sent my save to you for you to get me through the 2 sand quests and you might be able to see where the problem is. thanks


    Josh Mellon

    Sure, send your save file to and our Chief Developer can move you past the Alexandria Desert and look at your file for any error.





    So many thanks now I will keep trying…. also can you tell which ones are the central islands and the outer ones – I thought I had done all of them

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