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    The button mashing game in Lucky’s Casino, could you make the red flickering optional? it irritates my eyes a bit.



    I just beat Grotesque at normal level with my team of level 34!!!!!! But I only got 75 000 exp and not 300 000 as the guide said. is this because of the level difficulty of the game chosen?


    Andrew Walker

    PanzerAzelSaturn – I’m surprised that you are getting slow down in towns. I generally play on my laptop which has the following specs:

    Processor: AMD A8-4500M APU
    RAM: 6GB
    Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7640G

    As BoogieMan noted, the only area of the game that I usually experience lag is crescent canyon due to the complex interaction of the boulders which the player.

    Two more ideas for improving the speed of the game are:

    1) Defragment your hard drive.
    2) If your hard drive is close to full, I’ve had that actually reduce my computer speed, as well.

    I hope we can figure out your issue and get you running smoothly!


    Andrew Walker

    elvira813 – Great job already beating one of the super bosses! 300,000 is the total EXP that you receive. That is split up between each of your four characters, so that each gets 75,000 EXP.



    I really wish I knew how many times i’ve ran away for that achievement, since I really wanna run away a lot of times now, but
    I’m quite sure I’ve only run away more or less than 5 times ….. so it’s a real quandary.



    You should still have an exit/or reset at the end of the puzzle, since doing the maze again sucks ๐Ÿ˜›



    Opps, Puzzle #24


    Andrew Walker

    Calisca – You can see how many times you run away in the Bestiary. Also, the exit from the maze puzzle in the Dread Woods is a good idea and easy to implement. That will likely go in the first update.

    As for the flickering for the button mash game, I imagine that as quickly as you are mashing, it could cause an epileptic fit. However, it’s not easy to create it an option for turning on/off the flickering. I think it has to be either on or off for everyone and, personally, it helps me with my speed. If others also feel strongly about removing the flickering, we can certainly follow the majority’s view.



    OK, ran defrag and cleared up 77 gigs of 150… still slow ๐Ÿ™ Tonight I’m going to try moving it to my C drive and see if that helps? Pretty much finding any scrolling background slows things down (I assume to do redraws) and any animations make it much worse, places with rain move at a crawl and the puzzle where more than one rock moves when pushing the brown one took about 5 seconds to process per move.

    I’m sure there is something with my system in particular that is not playing nicely with the game. I do have a Windows 7 laptop that is probably a bit less powerful that I can test it out on… I also have a win 98 PC that I keep here by the desk for running FF7, 8 (although I don’t know why I would ever actually want to run it), and a few other programs that refuse to accept modernization, but I’m thinking that won’t do me much good for this game.

    I hate laptops, but I’ll have to see if I have all the right stuff to hook it up to my monitor, with the nice screen and my Saturn controller even a laptop may be tolerable (assuming I can ignore all those whiny, grindy sounds). Just completed everything before the ship (other than those grey chests of course). I’m level 12 using grey mage, hunter, engineer, and thief. The game brings back tons of memories of playing FF1 with different and challenging parties. I remember my goal to beat the game with all chars of one class. I managed with all but one, I believe it was white mage, simply because I couldn’t deal enough damage to chaos. Or maybe it was black mage due to OHKO… I actually forget, lol.

    Red mage has always been my fav class, so I was happy to see grey mages, plus I love the recluse series of books with grey mages in it ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m playing on hard and default settings for the rest. Challenge seems good. I still don’t know what happens if I have a party wipe, but my thief like to die a lot :/ I loved beating up a nasty group of 6 super powerful enemies on the hard side of the forest (so, yeah, have to come back for that area later too). I love it when games mix in some challenging areas early on, it’s very satisfying to succeed at such endeavors.

    Also, finally found those warp stones, expensive buggers! In the area of suggestions, only have 2 more right now. First off, it would be great if I could synth with the items I currently have equipped, this has been by far my main annoyance with the game, unequipping to synth. My second suggestion is mostly silly, but it’s so impossible to search on google for your game due to it’s very generic name… a sub title would really help here ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, thanks for the awesome game, can’t wait to play it tonight!


    Andrew Walker

    PanzerAzelSaturn – This must be very frustrating. Your computer certainly seems to have specs good enough to play the game without any lag (except perhaps in Crescent Canyon).

    Moving the game to the C drive seems like a good idea. Also, trying it on a different computer to see if there is some odd incompatibility with your current computer is another excellent idea.

    One more idea that I just read about for the RPG Maker VX Engine: Try pressing F1, click the “Reduce Screen Flickering” option, and then quit/restart the game. Apparently, this option can also reduce lag. Let me know if it helps at all.

    I certainly hope that one of those options works.

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