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    Josh Mellon

    PanzerAzelSaturn – Great idea to add a subtitle to Last Dream to aid in online searches. We will brainstorm something fitting. I also added your “Synthesize without Unequipping” request to the Future Development forum. Thanks for sharing your insights!



    Damn, having 8 enemies in the same battle is soooooo awesome.




    What exact video card do you have? How much memory does game.exe show as it’s using most of the time? If I recall, unless you have the 64bit version of Windows XP, instead of 4GB of RAM you’ll only be able to use something like 3.42 of it due to the limits of a 32bit OS. How much RAM is free when the game is running? Also, what is the core speed of each of your dual cores? I’m sure this game (in fact a surprising number of games aren’t) able to utilize multiple cores. If this existed in XP, you could also try loading up the game and going to task manager and select Set Affinity for Game.exe and uncheck core 0 and select only core 2.. That way it’ll run on your core that is getting less of a load from Windows. I doubt it’ll help but it won’t hurt anything to try.

    Something you should do is make sure your video card and DirectX drivers are updated. That can help performance immensely. If you are certain they are the latest versions, you should look into uninstalling your drivers and reinstalling them fresh. Driver Cleaner programs can assist in this to make sure you don’t have garbage files lingering around screwing things up. I would also look into your Virtual Memory assignment – how much is it set to use and where it is stored. If you have multiple different physical hard drives (not different partitions) you should leave a small 200-400MB swap file on your system drive and leave the bulk of your swap file on a different drive. Depending on the overall speed of your drives and memory, having your swap file separate of your operating system can make a huge difference on boot times, and general response times. That way that one drive doesn’t have to try to do all that work at the same time. If you have a 3rd drive, it couldn’t hurt to have your games on a another drive yet, but given the choice of 2 I’d store them with the OS and no the swap file.

    Something to keep in mind, Windows XP is something like 11 years old and is many generations old at this point. In the world of technology, that’s just about going from ancient to prehistoric. 🙂



    Does having INT on Knight help with anything at all?
    Btw, does Cleanse help against Instant Death?


    Andrew Walker

    INT on a Knight is pretty much wasted. There aren’t any Knight skills that benefit from additional INT.

    As for the Monk’s Cleanse ability, I actually can’t remember whether or not it protects against instant death. I’m 75% sure that it doesn’t, but I’ll have to check the game editor when I get home.



    I have the 32 bit version and yeah, even though I tossed in 4 gigs of ram, I am only able to use a bit under 3.5 gigs. My video card is Nvidia GeForce 8600 GTS with 256 megs ram. My processor is AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 5000+ 2.61 Ghz. I assume that means each core is running at 2.61. I have directX 9.0C, which is the latest supported by XP. When not running the game I am using about 0-1% of my processor and a little bit of ram. When running the game I’m using about 300 or so megs of ram, nothing significant. Running Chrome with 37 tabs open I’m using 3% processor give or take and about 2 gigs of ram. I should close some tabs 🙂

    I just updated my video card drivers the other day as well. I’m not willing to upgrade my OS unless at least 10 totally awesome games come out that require a more recent version… at this point there are 0, so I’ll wait. I keep my PC very clean and have no extraneous software installed. I only use the PC for gaming and a bit of web browsing. I do not run a virus scan or anything else that loads on start-up. I don’t even have acrobat reader installed. I only run system critical processes, games, and chrome 🙂 I have 3 hard drives, OS is on my 7200 rpm 500 gig drive and all games are installed on my 300 gig drive, which may only be 5400 rpm, comparable with most laptops. My third drive is an old laptop drive that I keep photos and stuff on. I will look into moving things around tonight as per your suggestions.

    I poked around in the game more and my processor is getting pegged at the beginning of each battle, almost constantly where there is rain, frequently where there is screen scrolling, and when entering the map and completion sections of the menu. Ram use never went over 400 megs. Turning off sound did not help at all. With reduced flickering on the overall CPU use was up around 50 even in simpler areas and with it off it was around 35 in those areas (non scrolling building interiors for instance).

    My plan for tonight is to fool around with hard drive stuff a bit and failing that, rig up my laptop to play the game. I am assuming the save file is easy to locate and transfer, so hopefully everything will go smoothly. Thanks for all your help everyone! I seem to be that one unlucky person with the perfect combo of hardware/circumstances to not be able to run the game right, yay me! I’ll let you all know if I get things running smoothly. Thanks again,




    One last thing, my FPS drops as low as 2 when walking in the area with rain. Also, the music never skips or gets garbled.



    I did a little online research and some people with old computers reported that unchecking reduce screen flickering can provide more performance. Have you also tried running in a window instead of fullscreen?

    The 8800 is also a very old card, I suppose it’s possible that the 8800’s 2D performance abilities are very low, while it might handle more complex 3D application better. I’m not sure, I imagine you’d need the reports of other people who also play this game that have a similar system configuration.

    If freshly wiped then reinstalled drivers doesn’t help, I’d also try:

    Make sure video hardware acceleration is enabled (I vaguely recall that being somewhere in XP)

    Look through NVIDIA control panel and try changing around some of the settings there. Look for maximum per-rendered frames and change it from the likely default of 3 to 0. If that doesn’t help, try increasing it to 6 or 9.

    And as a last resort you could look into programs like Alacrity PC that, if it supports XP and I think it does, and see if that makes any difference. Basically you select a program that it will launch, and up starting it’ll go through and close done tons of processes programs and reduce windows to just what it needs to function for gaming and launch the game. You won’t even have a desktop, you’ll likely just see what looks like a dos prompt but windows is still essentially running, just without all the other features. After closing, it’ll restore everything back to normal.



    Geez, I just build this thing 5 years ago… please refrain from calling it “very old”, lol.



    Well to be honest – technology advances very fast for PCs. And of all the components, video cards age the fastest. Even if your system is 5 years old, 8800s themselves are older than that I think they started showing up around 2006-7. But there is no guarantee that is the problem. It could just be a combination of factors.. Hopefully the other things will help.

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