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    Josh Mellon

    Man, you guys are finding so many bugs, it’s as if we didn’t have tens of people performing hundreds of hours of game testing for months! πŸ™‚

    Waenos – Good point. We attempted to do just what you described (i.e. removing the ability to equip passive skills since they are automatically equipped), although we faced some technical difficulties. We will look at this possibility again because, as you noted, it would clear up some confusion for a lot of players.

    BoogieMan – Digging works best if you hold the action key for one full second on the desired spot (sorry for the frustration).



    Maybe as a temporary workaround for the passive skills you could change the “(passive)” in the names to something like “(don’t equip)” so players will know not to equip them.



    Just found another interesting bug…I am currently wandering around as a mine cart outside the mines. You can leave the mines as the cart and can enter the airship as with it to travel around the rest of the continents/mazes until you get in a battle and it resets.

    If you hold a direction away from the track while choosing the option to enter the cart it lets you ride it off the track and out of the maze. It also lets you ride out if you stand between the tracks while entering the cart. Once you go back in (whether you are still the cart or not) you have to go downstairs and come back up to reset the cart. Before resetting it you retain the cart movement behavior in the old mines even if you have reset back to your character sprite in a battle.

    It looks like you set one square adjacent to the tracks as a barricade for the cart movement so perhaps extending it to the rest of the non-track areas would fix the issue.



    I kind of gave up on running the game on my desktop and am running it just fine on my less powerful laptop. In fact, I had no idea just how slow it was running until I started playing on the laptop! I like it even more than I did before, and that’s saying a lot. I think it’s the first game I haven’t fallen asleep playing in many years… unless I was playing something retro of course. All the new stuff is just so slow and boring for me with attack animations, camera pans, slow voice acted dialog, etc. Basically, I love this game, might be game of the decade for me πŸ™‚

    Now, on to some ideas and suggestions. Sorry if any were mentioned here or elsewhere, I’ve only been skimming the comments, mostly to avoid spoilers, I’m still less than halfway through the game.

    OK, when leveling up it would be nice to see what the natural stats are as well as the modified by equip stats.

    It would be great if there were a pause button for those of us who have hectic home lives and who want a more accurate play time at the end.

    I love how FF1 had enemy tiles, often in front of chests or at the entrance to treasure rooms and would like to see that in a game again.

    To go along with elemental weaknesses, weapon types are also fun, such as blunt being good against undead, etc… this also ties in with my earlier suggestion about weapon skills, you can level up piercing weapons when using them, but may have to choose between sticking with that leveled up skill and using a piercing wep or switching to blunt which you haven’t yet leveled in an area full of undead. Just a fun thought.

    Ship background battles look silly while riding on my blue choco, er, moa.

    The map is difficult to use, it would be nice to be able to pan around on it or to at least have the location list not obscure it. It kinda reminds me of the way the map system usually is in Tales games, but is less user friendly.

    A fun final fishing upgrade would be a fishing net that could randomly catch things while sailing the ocean πŸ™‚

    My big request is for LDII to have a choice of male and female portraits. I was seriously bummed that I couldn’t have a female thief, I always like to play as a thief type character with my name, but I don’t want to be a scarred dude! I ended up naming him my initials, JAG.

    That’s all I have for now, can’t wait to play again tonight πŸ™‚


    Andrew Walker

    Panzer – Very glad to hear that the game is running more smoothly. All your suggestions are great and we’ll try to pack as many as we can into Last Dream II.

    Good point about the Ship Background while riding the Blue Moa. I’ll add that to the bug list.

    I was planning on a male/female option for Last Dream II, so now we’ll definitely have to follow through!



    Yay, I hope the thief will be wearing pink, lol. That way I can really blend in while picking locks right in front of townspeople! I like to name my characters after my family, obviously my cat got to be a hunter in this game, she’s very happy. My son is a grey mage because red mages are the best and my hubby is an engineer cause he’s a programmer and loves engineering stuff. But what to do for the next game? There will be too many choices! My cat really wants to be a pally though πŸ™‚

    I have hundreds of games in my backlog and rarely finish those I actually start, your game is really good and I see myself not only finishing, but maybe even playing again, the hard difficulty was a bit too easy… I want more challenge and a chance to use some of the other classes as well. I need moas though, can’t stand molasses movement on the overworld without them! Oh, I did finally see the game over screen, on that island where you pay to enter the doors to battle series of enemies. Forget what it’s called. But now I know that party death results in a rather serious and final game over screen, yay!


    Josh Mellon

    PanzerAzelSaturn – You can effectively pause Last Dream (and specifically the timer, but not the music) by pressing Alt-Tab, which toggles between minimizing/showing the game window.

    Thanks for all your input – I summarized most of it in the Future Development section.



    Just reporting a minor thing this time, not a bug, but a strange line.
    In Borea, the ‘Curious Woman’ says that Hannibal is ‘a masochist who delights in the murder and torture of his enemies’. I believe it is supposed to say ‘a sadist’?

    On a separate note, I agree with pretty much every one of PanzerAzelSaturn’s suggestions, some of them more or less.
    Though I can’t see blunt damage being effective against any other undead than skeletons. A zombie or something wouldn’t even notice. You’d need to cut them into pieces with cutting damage. I think all undead would be resistant against arrows and such, though. Especially skeletons.
    But yes, the ‘physical elements’ should probably be used in the game somehow. In the bestiary, resistances to them are visible for every enemy, but they all happen to be neutral against every one of them. Why’s this, exactly?

    I should probably come up with some suggestions of my own at some point. Most of the things I’d like to see in Last Dream II have already been said at some point, though.



    Another little thing. In the Mountain Pass on the Northern Continent, near the southern entrance, there is an invisible sign that says ‘Mysidia Mountain Pass’. Or at the very least, I can’t see it. Just one tile that I cannot move onto, and when I press the action button while facing it, a message saying ‘Mysidia Mountain Pass’ will show up. More specifically, it is two paces to the north and two to the east of the spot where you appear upon entering the Mountain Pass from the south.



    Another puzzle bug. I’m not sure what triggered it, but in the Ice Cave puzzle where you have to align the numbers 1-15, after I had been trying to do it perfectly for a long, long, long time, the ice tiles on which the numbers were on started… fusing, when I moved them. I ended up with four empty tiles, with no idea which one would move next. Strange.

    Since I don’t really know much about it, this isn’t really helpful, but, well, at least now you know that that CAN happen, and that there is something to search for in that puzzle.

    Edit: By the way, a question: Does that puzzle count as ‘solved’ for the achievements even if I don’t get it perfectly? Even if i don’t get all the chests, that is?

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