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    And a fourth post in a row… It really would help if you could edit older posts as well. Anyway, I had one small suggestions, and a couple small reports on typos and whatnot.

    First, the suggestion. I think it would be nice if you could check your own characters’ stats mid-battle, the same way you can check the enemies’. That could be very helpful.

    And then the reports. I just started taking notes on things.
    In Riverdale, the Aide who is collecting money for rebuilding Rubicon says “you’re donation” twice, I think. It should be, quite obviously, “your donation”.
    During the class promotion event, the word ‘receive’ is spelled ‘recieve’. ‘Receive’ is the correct form.
    And then one that I am a bit unsure of. The Black Belt’s Chakra’s description says ‘chance to inflict any/ally status effects’. Should that be ‘any/all’?

    And once again, there’s the Black Mage’s/Warlock’s magic. There is some inconsistency in the wording of the basic damage-dealing spells. Some spells say that they do damage ‘with [element] element’, whereas some say that they do damage ‘of [element] element. These start after the sixth level of spells.
    Also, Darkness 7 has the Wind icon instead of the Darkness icon.

    There are some for the White Mage/Priestess as well. NullDark has the Ice icon instead of the Darkness icon. Divine Intervention description says ‘ressurects’, when it should be ‘resurrects’.

    And I also remembered a couple more things. The class icons. When you access the Skills menu, you can see a small icon next to the class’s name. I believe that they are a bit mixed up. The Monk has an axe next to its name, while the Hunter has a fist. The White Mage has what I think is a lightning of some sort? And, as the most obviously wrong one, the Black Mage has a sword.
    Also, when you access the information of a piece of equipment, such as a weapon, you can also see the class name’s and icons. They are incorrect there as well. Thief has the icon of what would most probably belong to the White Mage, the Engineer has Thief’s, the Hunter still has the fist, and so on…


    Andrew Walker

    Waenos – Thanks for all your excellent bug finds and suggestions.

    In response to your question regarding the Ice Cave number puzzle, I believe you have to gather all of the treasures to count as having completed the puzzle. The easy way to check is to go to the Collections menu and then select puzzles. Check out the Ice Cave puzzles and see if all three are completed.

    All of your bug finds have been added to the Bug Fixes topic. Thanks!



    So I found a bug that effectively cuts off access to the class upgrade.

    Apparently I grinded a bit too much and freed Tiamat from the mines before obtaining Kali’s Medallion and getting the class upgrade. Now when I talk to Bahamut with the medallion, I get his text about being thankful for freeing Tiamat. :/


    Josh Mellon

    JelloTime – The inventive things you do that we never thought of… 🙂

    Sorry about this one, although at the strength level you must be at, you hardly need the upgrade!

    We will fix this for the next update. Thanks for letting us know.



    Some more reports.

    In the Old Mine, if you get onto one of the carts from the south or the north, the cart will then appear on the non-track tile that you were standing on.
    Also, it is a bit strange how you can only get off the cart on either the southern or the northern part at each end to the tracks.
    …I’m having a hard time coming up with the right words. My brain is still asleep, or somesuch. Probably. Hopefully, you understand what I am trying to say.

    After the class promotion, there was no clear change, other than the new ability points and available skills. Later, however, when I entered the Old Mine (but not earlier, checked the saves between that and the class promotion) the Black Mage’s (or, now, the Warlock’s) portrait changed. The others, however, remained unchanged. The in-battle and menu appearances for all of them remained unchanged. I’m not sure if this is how it is supposed to be, but I am pretty sure that the delayed portrait change for the Warlock was not intentional.



    Another small thing to report. I probably won’t be reporting anything for some time after this, as I’ll be too busy with other things to play Last Dream for the rest of the week. I’ll be continuing next week, though.

    Anyway, onto my report.

    In Daedalus’s puzzle, if you happen to encounter an enemy while on top of one of the grey tiles, the ones different from the rest, that tile will turn into a normal one after finishing the battle. This happened every time, so it is not a single instance.


    Andrew Walker

    Waenos – What you’ve described is not a bug in Daedalus’ Puzzle =). That is exactly what’s supposed to happen! Each tile is essentially a trap door with enemies below. Once you defeat the enemies on tile, it disappears. This allows a player to remove all the enemies from the map before attempting the puzzle. Thanks!

    Regarding your earlier post, the Black Mage portrait change is a bug and I’ll add that to the bug list. I’m not quite sure what you’re describing with the Old Mine but I’ll investigate it further since there is already an associated bug found by Burstroc.

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    I believe I can clear up what Waenos was trying to describe in the old mines.

    The first part he is describing is part of the bug I reported. When you stand at the indentation between the 2 track ends and get in the cart it appears off the track where you are standing.

    The second part I think he is saying it is odd that the entrance track (where the cart spawns) doesn’t also act as an exit point for the cart. After clearing the obstacles someone may hit the wrong end of the track and not know why they can’t get off. If it isn’t possible to make the entry part of the track exit as well then maybe a couple of little signs could be added at the track ends marking the exit to clear up any confusion.



    Me again 🙂

    When stealing there is a rather annoyingly long delay for the text telling me what item I stole… this was manageable when stealing single items, but now that I have the steal from all skill it’s driving me nuts! (Yes, I have a serious problem with waiting!)

    On the achievements screen if you scroll to the end (left to right) and press right again, rather than wrap to the next line it jumps to the bottom right. (If this is addressed in update, sorry, I didn’t update yet.)

    When I finally got to the arena I was pretty overpowered and got to mid tier 4 all at once, so the cut scenes about asking Cid for help with finding monsters for me to battle that happened weeks ago made no sense whatsoever. Not sure how this could be fixed really, just wanted to make you aware that it’s a bit of a silly part for those who plowed through the section all at once.

    Finally, I’m sure there are some legal troubles here, but if at all possible I would love to be able to get a hold of the soundtrack for this game 🙂

    Finally, finally, I want to see a “carrot beef horse dog” in a game sometime, maybe Last Dream II will be that game? (This is an animal my son made up when he was 2… they eat carrots. Sounds doable right?)

    Back to playing the game…


    Andrew Walker

    PanzerAzelSaturn – Haha, we understand the delay in stealing items with Expert Thief. As a matter of balancing for speed runs, we carefully considered the length of time it takes. I completely understand that it’s slightly annoying when you don’t care a bit about speed runs. If it’s possible, we may consider a “Speed Run” switch in Last Dream II that removes all of the time balancing aspects associated with these issues (e.g. fishing, stealing, etc.)

    Thanks for the comment on the scrolling in the Achievement Menu. I’ll add it tot the main bug list.

    Yes, unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done about the cutscene realism when you do it all at once.

    Josh – Can you discuss the soundtrack with Panzer?

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