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    Is there any place of information with a decent intro description/guide? I don’t care for a walkthrough, but one thing I don’t want to do is assign stat points that end up being “useless” so a break down of what works for what class mid/late game would be great.

    Primary reason for that question is I’m using the engineer and I’m confused. INT is his cheapest stat gain, but I don’t see what it’s used for with an engineer. I’m only up to level 8, so I’m really early on, but I’m not seeing what INT is for, aside from…the final heal at level 20? I just noticed that the exp+10% skill they get isn’t a passive, and is instead a very costly spell, which was pretty frustrating to notice since I used a SP orb to unlock it and it’s essentially useless. Any big fight for exp I kinda need my engineer dealing damage, right? The combination of not knowing how he’s ideally played and the exp skill not being passive makes me want to reroll without an engineer at all, as much as tunneling has its uses, he’s dealing significantly less damage than my thief and knight since if he’s INT based I don’t know if attack points are worthwhile to assign him. And if I’m going to steal with my thief and not deal damage with my engineer for a while it’s…yeah.

    How do you guys handle MP early on? Unlocked berserker for my knight and it looks fairly powerful, especially for clearing big groups, but I don’t even have the mp to use it once, much less a few fights in a row. This is certainly one thing about the early era RPG’s I’m not a fan of, while new ones go too far in making mp limitless (new FFXII/XIII, Bravely Default) I don’t like the absolute set way in the old school. There should be say a skill that returns mp based on damage taken, which I think would scale well with this game as if you use all your mp on abilities to burn mobs down you’ll run out of mp, but on more difficult fights you’ll get some of it back to fight for survival.



    Nevermind, I found that little strategy guide of 747 pages. That’ll likely answer all my questions.


    Andrew Walker

    Yes, the Strategy Guide is the best place to start.

    1) Section 3.2 defines the character attributes.
    2) Section 3.3.1 and 3.3.2 define the attribute costs for each character.

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