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    Warning, this thread may contain spoilers.

    Just completed the first real mission, rescuing Elizabeth from the Ruins.

    I noted the locked doors that my thief couldnt open in the sewers and also the ruins – and just wondered – is there a game mechanic to open these at some point? Is it just a matter of not being high enough level yet or did I miss something entirely.

    I scoured the sewers and pretty certain there was no way to open the gates. Also with the ruins, you get teleported back once you rescue Elizabeth – so thought I’d just ask 🙂


    Andrew Walker

    Yes, there is a key that you will acquire later in the game to open those locked doors. If you want more information, let us know but I imagine that you’d rather find the key for yourself.



    Definitely – just checking! Woot



    Yeah those bugged to crap out of me at first too. Thought I was missing a switch or something.



    I agree, it could have stated “You need something to open this.” just so I didn’t try it a ton hehe =X

    Another thing I found confusing was the key to the grey chests confused me for a bit. Since the first times you see it you can’t really get to it. Once I found the side-quest for it in the guide it made more sense. Makes having a hunter way more of an incentive to backtrack for treasure. Otherwise, walking/boating it would get monotonous.


    Josh Mellon

    A Hunter is useful for covering ground swiftly in the early game, although with our strong affection for Final Fantasy, it is probably no secret that you will acquire an airship later in the game, making the Hunter less relevant in that one aspect.

    Sorry for the frustrating doors!

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