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    Good news everyone!
    No not really more of a good suggestion but I was in the mood πŸ™‚

    May I suggest making a official torrent of the game download?
    It must be draining bandwidth and money from you
    And honestly, it’s quite slow.

    Keep up the good work!
    A proud kickstarter



    Second Psycotiqs suggestion. Torrent as well as sites like hotfile,rapidshare etc to lessen the load and diversify the download options and save money on bandwidth.



    Yeh I’ve been trying to download for over 8 hours now… πŸ™ Only 50% of the way through!


    LastDream_Demo.exe 19.2 KB/s - 594 MB of 899 MB, 4 hours left

    I’m quietly sobbing into my cup of tea…



    as I have 100/100 at home I wpuld gladly have a torrent chugging along.



    Mine is getting slower. Now it’s down to 1990’esque dial-up speeds πŸ™‚



    @jadeia, You live in Australlia, correct? I know it is pretty standard for most connections to be capped after a certain amount of usage. Are you sure you didn’t hit your bandwidth limit? The only reason I ask is because I am getting over 800Kb/s. Unless they implemented it w/in the last two hours, you may have an internet problem. They may of implemented the CDN but didn’t remove the red warning from the download page. You may want to restart your DL.

    Hope it downloaded though, the game is awesome =)

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    Yep in AUus – but I havn’t hit my download quota. I can download everything else at great speeds, but keep tanking out on Last Dream.

    I have tried three times – each time it starts reasonably fast, then drops and drops. My last attempt got about 60% of the way through and slowed down to 15 kbps…

    I’m a bit lost as to what the issue is!

    I guess I’ll try a fourth time now (as I go to sleep). Hopefully its downloaded by the morning – definitely the longest 900 MB file I’ve ever tried to grab πŸ™‚


    Alex White

    Hey everyone. Thanks for you patience with the download. We will be moving the file to an Amazon CDN service (or comparable) here in the next couple days. We’d like to avoid going down the torrent route, but if you have suggestions please feel free to contact me directly.



    Thanks for the update Alex – that’s a fair call.

    In the end for me, the 4th attempt seemed to work overnight so all good for me. A CDN will make a huge difference for new folks though having probs.

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