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    I think I’ve made like 3-4 lvl 20~ teams now, since I felt like I wanted this, or I wanted that and don’t need this or that, I’ve also restarted from lvl 10 a few times with some teams cause I didn’t choose stats satisfactorily.
    My team is currently lvl 13, but I feel like they fight at 3 lvls higher or so.

    My current composition and build goes like this:
    Knight: 30% HP 10% ACC, 120 max mana, Everything else goes to ATK,
    Monk: 30% HP, Rest is mostly ATK with a sprinkling of ACC, def gonna have at least 50 AC at lvl 14~.
    Hunter: 40-45%~ HP, Max 200 mana (gonna do it when I get enough abilities to warrant it, hamstring, smokebomb, metascan, etc)
    Rest goes into Def, AGI and a little MGD.
    Engineer: Almost same as Hunter, except no AGI, and gonna get a LOT of INT later.

    Backrow: Knight, Monk
    Frontrow: Hunter, Engineer

    Macro1: K: Attack M: Attack H: Defend E: Defend

    I’ve found it works great with two front rows, since the chance of backrow getting hit is so much smaller, I could put Knight in Front Row now cause of awesome synthesized EQ but I’d hate for him to get sleep, stun or such.
    Right now at lvl 13 my knight has 102 ATK, coupled with Berserker, it’s just ridiculous. Monk is gonna catch up in about 5 levels I think. My hunter is frankly not doing much in battles except buffing at boss battles right now, hoping to change that into a CC type of character within 8 levels more, Engineer is spamming potions most of the time. Both of them Defend when they have nothing to do since they only do 1 dmg anyway.

    How is it going for everyone else? Am I the only one who is restarting the game for the 10th time? xD
    Gotta say Gray Mage is my least favorite character so far, he’s utterly ridiculous early to midgame tho.



    I’m using Knight, Thief, Black Mage, White Mage.

    I haven’t restarted yet. But while it was useful during the beginning, I wasted points on my White and Black Mage’s physical abilities so they wouldn’t melee stuff for 1 all the time. In time I came to realize it’s better to dump it all into their magical abilities and utterly ignore the other stats on them. But they’re doing just fine now. Having high PRE on my White Mage is one of the best things I’ve done. Getting those heals first or second per round has helped immensely. My Black Mage has been useful on boss fights, but for run of the mill fights he’s by far my most useless, since he burns through MP so quickly if it’s used regularly. But against large numbers of enemies and bosses, he’s great for big nukes. And if the enemies have an elemental weakness I’m sure now one else can touch him damage wise. Despite this, my future playthroughs will almost certainly not have a Black Mage. I generally prefer average consistency as opposes to occasional spikes. I heartily endorse the White Mage’s Regen. I LOVE that spell.

    I dumped a lot of attack into my Knight and Thief at first too, but eventually their defense suffered a bit which strained my healer. But 3 levels or so putting a little more into it balanced it back out combined with synth gear.

    It seems that for the most part you need a balance, but of course bias a few stats more heavily than others. I’ve been putting probably 35% into their main stat and spreading the rest around the others. I also usually keep one levels worth of points unspent for the times I’ve ran into some difficulty so I can put them where I need them the most. Most notably when I anticipated needing a lot of magical defense, and sure enough a whole levels worth that I dumped in right before the fight made ALL the difference. I wouldn’t have won otherwise. My party is level 25 now and seems to be working out well.


    Andrew Walker

    Hey guys, just wanted to say I love these types of conversations. What difficulty have you two been playing on?

    Calisca, I like your style saying that your party performs as well as another party 3-levels higher. Have you considered trying the low level challenge?



    I played on Grind/Hard until level 21 or so. And played a little on Very Hard when I outleveled my enemies a bit too much. But since about 21-22 I put it on Normal Encounter/Hard because I was doing a lot of exploring and didn’t want to level too much ahead.

    I’m going to be deliberately vague to avoid spoilers..

    The hardest thing for me was fighting through the far northwest continent’s cave at level 21, only to be turned away because I lacked an item. Without darkness and some other nifty spells I could never have made it through that cave at that level. Those enemies could 1-3 shot my people.

    The next was the Gorgon at lvl 22, that was pretty rough. Took me about 4 tries to beat that one. So far this is the only boss fight I’ve wiped on more than once. Came close a few other times, especially fighting for the key/amulet for the shards after the call to arms. His magic was so powerful I barely kept my people up enough to win. That was a fun fight.



    I play on Hard/Standard/Designated Save, feels like a good balance to me, thought about no save in dungeons, but I think it’d feel a bit depressing if I lost a half hour of work from dying to the boss.Thinking about Very hard, but we’ll see, I don’t change settings during game.I think I tasted despair twice, once at lvl 13 against masters of the wood and once at lvl 6 against 6 mummies sleeping me all the time, fun stuff. I haven’t thought about challenges or anything yet, just trying to do things my pace, my way, enjoying it so far, don’t think I’m gonna restart again for a while, can’t stand the repeated all-nighters :D. My strategy with my DPS guys is to survive 1-2 hits from anything, that’s why I pump lots of HP and DMG. Slowly shifting Knight to Tank. I dunno, I feel stronger than a party 3 lvls higher cause I can just walk into a new town and pick chests with impunity, usually I feel a bit of trepidation, but current combo feels really solid. Most boss fights are too easy for me, wish I’d taken Very Hard/Legendary about now, but I’m scared of getting into a grindfest, which wouldn’t be fun at all, a lot of the time I find myself wishing I’d level a bit slower, being overleveled isn’t fun.

    As you might have noticed, I really enjoy feeling almost overwhelmed, a bit of despair, but too much isn’t fun either.
    One of the most enjoyable scenarios is walking out of a boss fight with one hero and 20% hp left, great feeling. 😀



    I too enjoy a more difficult challenge. I have a Monk, Engineer, White Mage, and Thief. In the beginning of the game I thought that maybe I had made a mistake (even though that’s hardly possible) and I needed heavy hitters on Hard. That is not so though. With proper leveling and patience, I have an amazing team that compliments each other. The Thief is such an integral part of a strong economy too.

    Lovin this Game



    I suppose I might post here as well.

    I’ve only made one team, which works very well for me. They’re currently level 23.

    Monk, with some points put into HP, Attack, Defense and Pre-emption. I’ve upgraded each about 30 times, some more, some less. A few points have gone to Agility and Magic Defense as well, but those were put early. I no longer bother with them, instead using equipment to boost them. He has almost no pre-emption, with only equipment boosting it somewhat. He’s usually the last to move in a battle.
    And then, the overwhelming majority goes to Accuracy. 137 upgrades to that. When you count skills and equipment in, he has 200 accuracy, causing him to hit everything five times.
    He utterly annihilates anything that blocks his way.

    Hunter. Some into pretty much everything except Intelligence and Magic Defense. Some Accuracy, some Defense, some Mana Points, even some into Critical, with it being incredibly cheap for her. And then there’s Agility and Pre-emption, both of which have around 80 upgrades to them. Her high agility combined with the fact that she gets all the heavy armor makes her very durable. But her main role comes from her Pre-emption. Thanks to it, she ALWAYS hits first in a battle, with the exception of some boss battles that I try far too early. Then she scans the opponents or cripples them via Slow Enemy or many other nice skills. She’s mostly support, but can deal some damage herself with her critical hits.

    White Mage. Some points have gone to Hit Points and Magic Defense, both with 30 upgrades, and even a few into Defense, to help the helper stay alive. Later on, when I started getting good equipment to boost the defensive stats, though, there hasn’t been too much need for that. About 40 upgrades in Pre-emption. She has equipped plenty of equipment that boosts Pre-emption as well, letting her move before almost all enemies. The overwhelming majority of points have gone to Mana Points and Intelligence, however, with some more to Mana Points. Since, well, that’s her role. To heal the party, and to boost their defenses, speed and such to make it more likely that they never need healing in the first place. In boss battles, her first action is usually to cast Quicksilver, greatly enhancing the Pre-emption of the entire party.

    And last, but not least, the Black Mage. As with the White Mage, most of his points have gone to Intelligence and Mana Points, for obvious reasons. He has also upgraded Pre-emption somewhat, but due to the high cost, he relies on equipment boosting it even more than the White Mage. In fact, almost every single piece of equipment he wears was chosen because it boosts pre-emption. He also has some points in Hit Points, but it is really hard to raise in his case, due to the very low cost effectiveness ratio. He has a fair bit of Magic Defense, letting him stay alive from any and all party attacks.
    In normal battles, his role is to annihilate the enemy before they really get to do anything. One spell that is, if possible, of the element the enemies are weak to, chosen from several options of different strengths, so that as little Mana Points are wasted as possible. The Hunter will usually weaken the toughest enemy beforehand, and the Monk will finish off whatever survives.
    In boss battles, his role is different, however. Instead of attacking himself, he first boosts the Monk’s damage-dealing ability to the roof with Crackshot and possibly Powerhouse. After Crackshot, the Monk will have about 50% chance to deal a critical hit. Combine that with the ability to hit five times, and a nice amount of Attack… Well. The Black Mage may also use Debilitate to further enhance damage dealt. Alternatively, if survival seems to be an issue, he may use Genius to enhance the White Mage’s ability to heal the team, but that is rarely needed.

    Well, that is my team. I’ll probably use a fairly different one on my next playthrough.



    By the time I finished the game, my Knight was level 42 and my Thief, Black and White Mages were 40.

    By about level 25 on my Knight was probably 65% of the total damage on my team. By level 40 he was probably 80%.
    There was a short period of time between 18-22ish where my Thief did the most damage on average (single target). Of course my Black Mage did a lot against large groups of enemies, but against boss types after the first half of the game he was in very distant second behind my Knight, with my Thief taking last. White Mage did very little damage as is typical being a healer.

    Overall I was happy with my Dark Knight, he was pretty badass. But my Ninja was purely support during the last half. His smoke bombs worked wonders against large groups of enemies and of course the items he stole were of great value. But his combat power seemed very, very low. By end game, his typical melee strikes were 600-900. His best special attacks didn’t break 1.3k a hit, even the AGI based ones and he had something like 320 AGI which seemed high enough for good stealing success. His specials were about the typical basic melee strike of my Dark Knight. I think he needs to get *some* bonus damage from his AGI. But part of the problem was I had to sometimes choose DEF items over ATK items because he wasn’t durable enough.

    My Black Mage’s damage varied widely. Implosion would typically hit for 1400-3000 depending on the enemy.

    I wonder how differently people will end up statting their characters? Especially things like MP and HP. I imagine the need for more HP/MP will vary a lot depending on the paths you took, gear you found, and how much effort you spent on synthesizing. I used it quite heavily, but never completed any Vanir gear because it ended up not being necessary for completing it on Hard and would have been overkill. What did you guys end up with towards the end? Without %rings, here is the HP, MP, and main stats of my party:

    HP 1705
    MP 418
    ATK 418
    DEF 370

    HP 1238
    MP 347
    ATK 214
    DEF 284
    AGI 325

    Black Mage
    HP 814
    MP 1320 (usually had +MP rings on him, otherwise he ran out very fast)
    INT 312

    White Mage
    HP 814
    MP 1672
    INT 295

    In the future, I think I will probably spend less points on Defense and Magic Defense, most of it seems to come from gear. Although I’m sure it helped a lot early game. I will probably use a little more on PRE though. It’s nice being able to attack before some of the enemies and thin out their numbers or debuff them before they do damage.

    *minor spoiler*
    I did use a whole level’s worth of points on magic defense on my whole party before I fought Helios though. And I’m glad I did, he probably would have took us out otherwise. That was the hardest fight for me, barely kept my people up.

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