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    Hey guys! Congrats on all the progress. I still love this game so much and am always advertising it to my peers on the web.
    I recently downloaded the last dream game for steam. I though it would transfer/consolidate my game files, but it did not. Actually now I have two desktop icons that lead to two separate games. To make things even weirder, the new game has 2 save files on it that are imaginary with a team and saves I did not take part in.
    Very weird. Mostly I want to be sure my game saves and achievements are transferred, but thought you would be interested to know about the phantom game saves after steam product activation.


    Andrew Walker


    Thanks! You’ll have to manually copy your save files from your old installation folder to the new Steam installation folder. When you acquire your first achievement on Steam, you’ll get credit for all the other Achievements you’ve gained on that save file.

    Also, we’re aware of the two garbage save files that are included with the game. It’s actually been a thorn in our sides trying to remove them. It will require two Steam game updates to remove those files so it likely won’t occur for a while.

    Thanks for letting us know.



    Which is better to get (since I have decided to purchase ‘Last Dream’)—the one here on White Giant or via my Steam account? Or are they essentially the same? (Nb., how does one then acquire ‘Unknown World’? Since you are working on ‘Last Dream II’, I would think the ‘bridge’ would be finished. Or is that terribly naive on my part??!


    Andrew Walker

    The two version are exactly the same at the moment; however, we update the Steam release more often with bug fixes. Once we’ve done ~3 steam updates, we generally update the standalone version available through our website.

    We’re working on the Expansion and Last Dream II at the same time with most of the time devoted to the Expansion. The Expansion (World Unknown) is ~80% complete while Last Dream II is ~10-20% complete.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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