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    Alex White

    If anyone has recommendations for this website (features, improvements, bugs) please feel free to post them in here.
    I work as a lead software engineer by trade, and also have my own small IT consulting business. I plan on bumping it up on my priority level and would appreciate any input.


    Jeremy Black

    A more unique theme that pulls in more of Last Dreams feel to it. The current theme feels a bit ordinary. In the art style the video cover is created in would be neat and give the site a more artistic feel.


    Josh Mellon

    Hey Alex – Here’s my list! 😉

    • Totally second my man, Jeremy.
    • A place to conduct polls.
    • Imbedded audio tracks on the Music Credits page.
    • PayPal pledge button with Reward descriptions.
    • Music and Script Credits organized into two columns: Last Dream (left) and Last Dream II (right)
    • Bullet points on the Kickstarter front page moved to our Last Dream page.
    • GameZone Review and DJ Grandpa podcast links on the Last Dream page – see Kickstarter page.
    • A link to this interview on the LD page:
    • A link to these cool guys (in Last Dream):
    • A progress bar on the Last Dream page that indicates our status on the (Expanded!) Expansion Pack.
    • A progress bar on the Last Dream II page that indicates our Stretch Goal development progress.
    • Our “Crush the Creators to Collect Cash” contest (see Update #7) on the Speed Run page.
    • Correcting the tree to the forum, which is listed as under “Journal” in the grey bar with the Search box
    • A FAQ link on the Last Dream page (or perhaps the forum) with applicable content from the Kickstarter FAQ.
    • A complete listing of Kickstarter donors on a new page under Team, with the following as Producers:
    •      — Shown side-by-side with their pictures (or preferred image)
           — Names: Russell Tabor, Muhammad Ahmad Khan

    • Text similar to Update #12, under “Brave New World” on the Team page, under the current Team paragraph.
    • Possibly interesting stats on the Download page, like “6,919 ‘Yes’ Votes on Steam”
    • These quotes on the Downloads page:
    •      > “Amazing concept and execution. I enjoyed the demo greatly (hours of gameplay) and am honored to pledge to a project like this.             They do what they say, ‘Last Dream incorporates the best features of classic RPGs.'” – Joshua Lancaster
           > “everyone stay cool…. dj grandpa backed and approved” – DJ Grandpa {with his name as a link}
           > “if even 10% of the gaming studios were like you… there would not [be] wars or overpopulation cause everybody would be busy          playing…” – Muhammad Ahmad Khan
           > “…perfect example of why a game doesn’t need truckloads of money spent on graphics and animation if the game play is fun and solid.”          – BoogieMan
           > “you are stunningly awesome, White Giant…” – aphie
           > “Congratulations and thank you very much for making this amazing game!” – Hummingbird



    Will pledge more money for 3rd installed if every user is forced to use Jeremy’s Cat picture in their Sig,especially the White Giant Staff.


    Alex White

    Yeah, the theme isn’t my first pick, but it allowed us to get a site up quickly and cleanly. My plan is to reconstruct the site with a new theme and more unique artwork.

    Thanks for the input, it all looks good.


    Jeremy Black

    Ohh, a small IT consulting firm is it in the Asheville area?


    Alex White

    No, we are spread all over the country. I live in Bozeman, Montana. But most of my business is around Montana and Oregon.



    Hi guys,

    I’m a web consultant and run my own studio in Perth Australia. If you want to plan for the future, I would seriously consider checking out a more sophisticated and managable community solution than WordPress + Plugins.

    WP is great for a quick site – but keep in mind that it’s the number one targetted platform for hackers and it struggles a lot when it gets a lot of engagement – ie signups, using forums etc. Also, when you update you risk losing plugins.

    If you want some ideas I’d be happy to give you some – not trying to step on toes or anything!


    Alex White

    Hi Jadeia,

    I do agree with you on that recommendation and we do have plans for the future.

    One thing to note is this project was very much bootstrapped; with everyone on the team working one (or more, in my case) full time jobs. WP does allow rapid development and implementation of a decent website, but I agree its not without its faults. Its definitely not my first choice for a full scale system, but I do feel like its more secure these days. I’ve actually built about 30+ WordPress sites, and manage them regularly for my clients. To be honest, I do NOT regularly build community based websites. So I would appreciate any recommendations for alternatives that you may have.
    I’ve worked with Joomla and SiteFinity (lame), but I always come back to WordPress because of its flexibility and market share. Unfortunately, I’m not ready to put in the extra hours to build a new site from the ground up — I don’t feel like it needs it… yet 🙂

    Thanks again.



    All good points!

    I’ve also built a lot WP sites and they are fantastic for quick deployments. WP and BBPress are decent enough – I’ve used BBPress before but found it got a little awkward when the community grows (and this one definately will).

    I’ve been involved with a few community projects, and have used a wide range of different systems. The system I keep coming back to again and again though is Invision Power Boards:

    It’s worth taking a serious look at. You can licence it and host your own, or let them host it for you. I run two IPB communities (one IPB-hosted and one self-hosted) and find the costs are similiar over time.

    The main advantage of IPB is that it is built around the concept of community engagement using various media (text forums, image galleries, videos, downloads, etc). It also has a very decent E-Commerce app add-on, which can tie in with the user registration system allowing for some neat tricks.

    Also, I certainly didn’t mean to come across as “I know everything about web” – I didn’t realise you we’re a web guy already or I wouldn’t have said anything. Just when I saw the post about a quick site, I thought I’d throw it out there that if you need some help I’d be glad to get involved.

    Check out IPB anyway – it has a fairly steep learning curve but is a very robust system.

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