Music Credits

Last Dream II

Dwarves by Mikel Shane Prather

Mikel Shane PratherLead Composer

Mikel Shane Prather crafts stunningly emotive music for innovative games. His passion for composition was evident at an early age, while enjoying games with dramatic story lines that flow in unity with the music. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Composition from Butler University.

Esteemed Games:
Final Fantasy (VII, IX, X, XIII), Kingdom Hearts, Zelda Series, Elder Scrolls


Alex James CannonComposer

Alex is a composer and arranger who has written for television, collaborated with choreographers and artists, and scored music for film, animation and other specialist projects, including TV commercials, charity animations, short films and dance pieces.

Esteemed Games:
Final Fantasy (VII, VIII, XIII), Tomb Raider, Uncharted 3, Far Cry 3, LA Noir, Resident Evil (series)


L. Sylvan WilliamsComposer

Sylvan excels in crafting complex, complementary layers of morphing sounds that entice discerning listeners into his electronic universe. His digital compositions are powered by a top-flight engineering degree, innate curiosity, and a long-standing strict intake of rock and roll, bluegrass and old time music.

Esteemed Games:
Cribbage, Chess, Horseshoes


Justin Grant MontgomeryComposer & Game Tester

Having grown up as a gamer since he could pick up an Intellivision paddle, Justin acutely appreciates how music can enhance the gameplay experience. He decided he would direct his composition talents to crafting game scores that would elicit a deeper player immersion. When playing, Justin gravitates to JRPGs with more complex storylines.

Esteemed Games:
Final Fantasy Series, Kingdom Hearts Series, Xenosaga Series, Lufia Series, Tales Series, Lunar Series

Last Dream I

Aaron Dunn
Mass Import Tool Test #1 – p1 {Dragon Caves}

Alone in the Chaos
0000000018 {Deserted Island Cave}

Axis Mundi Actum
Axis Mundi Actum {Bahamut’s Lair}
Ultima Ratio Regum {Old Alexandrian Fort (Lv2)}
Flagellum Deorum {The Abyss (Lv 41-49)}
Sum, Ut Fiam {Well of Souls Outside}
Confugium Corvorum {Well of Souls Outer Sanctum}
Prophetia {Grotesque}
Consummatum Est {Helios Soul}

Bach, Johann Sebastian
Brandenburg Concerto No. 6, Mvt. 1 {Midgard}

Butterfly Tea
The Sky City {Northern Continent}
Cavern of Time {Southwest Continent}
Back to Adventure {Arena}
A Strange Power {Deep Cave}
Marit is Coming {Asgard Sewer}

C.P. Bryan
Sentimental Autumn Interlude {All Moa Forests}
Symphonic Soundscape {Pandora}
Approaching Thunderstorm {Outpost Captain}

Snow Break {The Abyss (Lv 1-5)}

Chuck Parsons
2-28-07 {Mountain Pass}

Daniel Bautista
Movement 2: Adagio (Symphony No. 1 in A minor, Op. 12) {Southern Continent}
Bonus Track: Gymnopedie No. 1 (Satie) {Selected Docks}
Moonlight Sonata {Dock near Rubicon (post-Mt. Gerra)}
Romance Anonimo {Igloo}
In The Desert {Deserted Island Cave (Lv1-2)}
In The Desert (Acoustic) {Deserted Island Cave (Lv3)}
Fuego Camina Conmigo (String Quartet) {Mt. Gerra}
Enter Mars (Holst) {Well of Souls Inner Sanctum Replacement}
Elegante {Eastern Continent}
Opening Theme {Central Islands}
Siete {Outer Islands}
Antagonist March {Far Eastern Continent}
Sing It Yourself {Southern Continent}
God Hates Kittens {Northwest Continent}
Movement 1: Presto (Symphony No. 1 in A minor, Op. 12) {Ship}
Symphony No. 5 {Oakwood Sewers}
Agnostic {Ancient Ruins}
Pictures At An Exhibition {Earth Cave}
End Credits {Mystic Cave (6-9)}
Arrorro {Deep Cave}
Intermezzo Hardcore {Asgard Sewer}
Action Scene {Asgard Catacombs}
Sorcerer’s Apprentice {Diabolical Puzzle}
Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy {Frozen Cave}
Gothic Song {Dread Woods}
Death Pieces #1 {Alexandrian Desert}
Yo Robe’ La Navidad {Casino (Island)}
Pushing The Limits {The Abyss (Lv 1-5)}
Symphony No. 25 {The Abyss (Lv 6-10)}
Solveig’s Intro (Grieg) {The Abyss (Lv 22-30)}
Digital Pendejos {The Abyss (Lv 41-50)}
True Metal Awaits {Trial of Intellect}
Movement 2: Allegro con brio (Sym No. 1 in A minor, Op. 12) {Trial of Silence}
Movement 4: Allegro ma non troppo (Sym No. 1 in A…) {Trial of Perseverance}
Sintonia Para Diana {Trial of Wisdom}
Tempestad {Trial of Faith}
The Four Seasons – Summer Presto {Dark Lord (1st Fight)}
Heaviest Shit On The Earth {Kali}
The Death Of Aase (Grieg) {Flashback Cutscenes}
Bach Auf Der Gitarre {Flashback Cutscenes}
Magdalena {Finale – End Game Cutscene}

Primeros Rayos De Luz {Tycho’s Laboratory}
Bienvenido a Dreamland {Trial of Faith}
Technosphere3 {Trial of Persistence}
Technosphere1 {Forest Tower}
Yule-Postludio {Crescent Canyon}
Plastik-1 {Ice Cave}
Sudor Y Tierra Seca {Dragon Cave}
Unos fantasmas impiden el paso pero Jim… {Old Mine}
Yule-2o Movimiento {The Abyss (Lv 11-20)}
Bomberman encuentra el escondite, y abre… {The Abyss (Lv 31-40)}
Batalla Final {Desert Guardian}
La Tormenta Rompio La Calma {Colossus}

Sinner {Leviathan}
Question {Flashback Cutscenes}

La entrada en la Sala de los Caidos {Pandora Castle (for DL speech)}
La Hoguera {The Abyss (Lv 50-50)}

DJ Masque
Oceanic Dawn {Gaia}

Cry In Silence {Asgard Catacombs}
Sitarial {Tower Guardian}

Symphony of Darkness (Interlude) {Leviathan}
The 8 Bells of Oblivion (Intro) {Trial of Wisdom}
Requiem for a Lost Empire (Intro) {Southwest Continent}
Death Strike {Miner’s Cave}
The Final Sacrifice (Avantasia…) {Mystic Cave (5)}
The Light Brigade {Underground Cave}

Eric Skiff
Come and Find Me {The Abyss (Lv 21-21)}

Reverie {Lemuria (jibberish)}

PRIMAVARA {Master Fisherman’s Camp}

Jason Shaw
River Meditation {Northwest Continent}
Running Waters {Airship}

Joel Day
Ancient Forest {Oakwood}
Village {Dry Gulch}
Cloud Top {Alfheim}
Corn Fields {Desert Mountains}
Meadow of the Past {Alexandrian Desert}

John Pazdan
The Long Goodbye {Diabolical Puzzle}

John Philip Sousa
King Cotton {Moa Races}

Josh Mellon
Play {Daedalus’ Workshop}
Chief Writers Humble Composition

Kendra Springer
Sus Ojos Se Cerraron (Your Eyes Are Closed) {Sub/Blue Moa (underwater)}
Hint of Dawn or Reminiscence {Finale – End Game Cutscene}

Kevin MacLeod
Gymnopedia No 1 {All Docks (except those below)}
Funeral March for Brass {Doria}
Consort for Brass {Doria Castle}
Brandenburg Concerto No. 4, Mvt. 1 {Lucky’s Casino}
Sugar Plum Dark Mix {Frozen Cave}
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor {Southern Magi Tower}
Trio for Piano Violin and Viola {Trial of Silence}

Lord Daelith
World against Us (Linda cover instrumental) {Babel Citadel}

Ludwig van Beethoven
Sonata No. 14 in C Sharp Minor “Moonlight”, Op. 27 No. 2 – III {Trial of Intellect}

Luminous Flesh Giants
Deep Sleep {The Abyss (Lv 22-30)}
Jouney to Rest of The World {Ship}
Event Horizon {Woods of Despair}
The Fogg {Mountain Pass}
Anesthesia of Common Day {Kraken}

Matias Castro Cancino
RPG Overture Theme {Central Continent}
Private Contract

Mattias Westlund
Epic Voyage {Central Islands Replacement}
Gwendolyn {Borea}
Into Aer Cumri {Hedge Maze (Outside)}
The Death of Magic {Valar Golem}
Farewells at the Edge of the World {Cids Cutscene}

Mister M
When the night comes {Hedge Maze}
Entering Woods {Great Southern Marsh}
Action (Theme of The Commuter end credits) {Treant}

Moondark Project
Obscures reflexions {Mines of Moria}

The Factory {The Abyss (Lv 21-21)}

Paul van Nugteren
Tiersenovske {Ascetic’s Cave}
With-out-a-name {Small Farm}

Black Rainbow {Old Alexandrian Fort (Lv1)}

Surging the Moon {The Abyss (Lv 31-40)}

Août main character {Underwater Labyrinth}
Août old bucket {Trial of Endurance}

Experience {Pandora Castle (dungeon)}
Cellule {Old Mine}
Sale {Great Southern Marsh}

Agony {Babel Citadel}
The Ancient Abattoir {Northern Continent}
Sacrificial Soul {Mt. Gerra}
Rising Defiant (feat. Jordan Miles) {Ifrit}

Steve Lowther
Lord Warburton’s Folly {Miner’s Cave}
Diabolical Plot Thickens {Earth Cave}

Sylvius Leopold Weiss
Ponce – Preludio in E Major {Oasis (no. 1 and 2)}

The US Army Old Guard
Boismortiers Concerto for Five Flutes No. 4, Mvt II. Allegro {Riverdale}
Drum Feature: Generations from the Simple Gifts Show {Spartan Camp}

The USAF Concert Band
Winter (Vivaldis Four Seasons) {Atlantis}

Tomas Luis de Victoria
Amicus Meus {Helios}

Empty {Old Alexandrian Fort}

Tunguska Electronic Music Society
Neophyt – The Day You Left {Eastern Magi Tower}

Lucky Lion Studios
Chasing Fate {Eastern Continent}
Along the Way {Talos Village}
To Arms {Pandora Castle (main levels)}
Beneath the Boughs {Oakwood Sewers}
Evelyn in the Gloaming {Forest Tower}
Hearts Adrift {Woods of Despair}
A Decisive Blow {Crescent Canyon}
Little Memories {Ice Cave}
Overture {Central Continent}
Gale Blade {Desert Mountains}
Bloody Halo {Dark Lord Final Fight}

Mass Extinction {Mystic Cave (1-4)}
Madness {Well of Souls Bosses}

Disabled emotions suite – Part 3 {Outer Islands}
Dance of the fairies {Far Eastern Continent}
Pactum serva {Oakwood (occupied)}
Moon waltz {Rubicon}
Disabled emotions suite – Part 4 {Mr. Cope’s Tent}
Missing {Brokkr’s Cave}
Disabled emotions suite – Part 2 {Asgard}
Letter to a princess {Aunlak}
Disabled emotions suite – Part 1 {Abandoned Laboratory}
Promises {Lemuria (after decoding language)}
Irish Wedding {Dvergar}
Battle of the misty valley {Ancient Ruins}
The forgotten castle {Mystic Cave}
Winter princess {Underground Cave}
Forest of the unicorns {Dread Woods}
The return of the king {The Abyss (Lv 6-10)}
Celtic dream {The Abyss (Lv 11-20)}
Knights of the darkness {Trial of Endurance}
Benedictus {Pandora Castle}
Gothic {Mines of Dvergar}
Darkness falls (Epic version) {Well of Souls}
The ride of the Dark Knight {Stone Orc}
Infinity {Flame Goddess}
The lower dungeons {Marsh Beast}
A forgotton promise {Atticus Cutscene}