Creative Team

White Giant RPG Studios, LLC arose from the desire to share the final result of over three-thousand hours of intensive development, a dedicated army of game testers, countless refinements, and extensive gaming experience. The final product is Last Dream, the RPG we wished existed and now created, if for no greater purpose than our own enjoyment. We believe that the defining characteristic of great games is replayability, and we hope Last Dream is a game you enjoy returning to again and again.
Before the Kickstarter campaign, White Giant RPG Studios was comprised of just four friends plus some college buddies who helped with game concepts, testing, algorithm development, and the Strategy Guide. Now – thanks to YOUR generous pledges – we have contracted with impressive composers (plus 30 artists) for Last Dream II music, we have two accomplished graphic artists producing new content, our Game Testing Network has expanded to 14 capable individuals, and we have additional funds to support new software purchases, licensing, and web hosting.


Andrew Walker, PhD

Chief Designer

Many new RPGs focus too much on graphics and end up lacking the depth of older games from NES and SNES. Our goal in Last Dream was to take our favorite elements from the best RPGs of our youth and combine them into a single package. The key game design features are: replayability (through thousands of different party combinations) and non-linearity (through hundreds of different possible game paths).

Esteemed Games:
Final Fantasy (I, VI, VII, IX, X, XII), Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Dragon Warrior, Lufia II


Josh Mellon

Business Manager and Chief Editor

The necessity of building business infrastructure around the increasingly successful Last Dream series has offered a wealth of experience in contract formation, financial management, team communication, and fundraising. In addition, our game development journey has offered opportunities to support emerging artists, curate brilliant new music, practice creative writing and interviewee skills, and play video games with purpose (game testing!). Most rewarding is the surprising level of support and patience the larger gaming community has extended to our efforts – thank you!

Esteemed Games:
Final Fantasy I, North & South, Defender of the Crown, Rampart, Metriod, GoldenEye 007


Mark Cope

Chief Game Tester

RPG’s can be an escape from reality. I wanted Last Dream to be an open door to a fictional world of non-linear, immersive gameplay with a storyline that keeps you engaged and excited to move forward. Games where you can completely lose track of time because you constantly want to see what happens next are my weakness; this is what I hope Last Dream has become!

Esteemed Games:
Final Fantasy (II, III), Zelda: A Link to the Past, Contra, Castlevania, Chrono Trigger


Chris Moore, PhD

Game Mechanics

I have always been drawn to games with deep game mechanics and replayability. Unfortunately, in my opinion many games today focus too much on graphics and not enough on the mechanics and story of the game. While this may create a visually impressive game, all too often the gameplay experience is shallow and not particularly fun. With Last Dream I believe we have succeeded in creating a fun-to-play game with rich game mechanics that allows many unique and interesting strategies for victory.

Esteemed Games:
Final Fantasy I & VI, Zelda: A Link to the Past, Civilization II & IV, MOO II, Command and Conquer, Heroes of Might & Magic III, Fallout 2


Seth N. Hetu, PhD

Linux and OS-X Porting

I have always been drawn to games with vivid stories that play out in grand worlds full of interacting cultures and clashing ambitions. I also love games with a strong focus on mechanics as a means of delivering these stories. As such, I am thrilled to be able to bring Last Dream to more users in the form of a Linux and OS-X port!

Esteemed Games:
Iji, Radiant Historia, Ogre Battle 64