Last Dream II

The Second Chapter in the Last Dream Story

Although the first game in the Last Dream Trilogy witnesses the rise and ultimate demise of the immortality-obsessed half-elf General Thanatos, little is known about how the tumultuous land of Terra evolved, nor why the powerful ancient Vanir collectively elected to seemingly renounce their very existence.

Development Status as of April 2020

Airship Battle! by Mikel Shane Prather (Composed exclusively for Last Dream)

Original Pixel Art by Melissa Mision Exclusively for Last Dream II


Original Artwork by Jason Davidson for Last Dream II

“Mountains Sketch”
“Worn Tower”

The Last Dream Characters

Tiberius – The Knight

KnightKnight Upgrade PaladinKnight Upgrade Dark Knight

Reynard – The Thief


Ryukyu – The Monk

MonkMonk Upgrade BrawlerMonk Upgrade Black Belt

Elizabeth – The White Mage

White MageWhite Mage Upgrade PriestessWhite Mage Upgrade Physician

Magos – The Black Mage

Black MageBlack Mage Upgrade WizardBlack Mage Upgrade Warlock

Lucius – The Gray Mage

Gray MageGray Mage Upgrade SageGray Mage Upgrade Dragoon

Copernicus – The Engineer

EngineerEngineer Upgrade PhysicistEngineer Upgrade Mad Scientist

Atalanta – The Hunter

HunterHunter Upgrade RangerHunter Upgrade Beast Master

Leif – The Berserker


Freya – The Summoner

SummonerSummoner Upgrade Holy ConjurerSummoner Upgrade Dark Sorcerer

Achaemenes – The Time Mage

Time MageTime Mage Upgrade OracleTime Mage Upgrade Chrono Magus

Shuar – The Lore Master

Lore MasterLore Master Upgrade ShamanLore Master Upgrade Necromancer

Last Dream II continues our story. If you would like to be notified upon its release, please contact us at