Last Dream II

The Second Chapter in the Last Dream Story

Although the first game in the Last Dream Trilogy witnesses the rise and ultimate demise of the immortality-obsessed half-elf General Thanatos, little is known about how the tumultuous land of Terra evolved, nor why the powerful ancient Vanir collectively elected to seemingly renounce their very existence. Last Dream II shifts the story to the planet of Gaia and follows the lives of 12 individuals as mysterious events unfold.

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Development Status as of April 2021

Airship Battle! by Mikel Shane Prather (Composed exclusively for Last Dream)

Original Pixel Art Exclusively for Last Dream II

The Gray Mage, Lucius, holds aloft a torch to light the dank interior of the Moros Ruins.

Lucius exists the Inn/Pub and walks through the drizzle and fog in the town of Ashwood.

Lucius visits the Equipment Shop in the town of Ashwood.

The Last Dream II Characters

Tiberius – The Knight

Birthplace: City of Syros, Nation of Delos, Continent of Meropis
Age: 32 years old
Tiberius is a well-respected captain in the Delian military. He is tasked with leading a party of soldiers to bring back an escaped fugitive.

Fay – The Thief

Birthplace: City of Gravinfell, Nation of Nysa, Continent of Nysa
Age: 24 years old
Fay, once a street urchin, joined the Thievery guild in Tyre at a young age and has become one of their best and most reliable Thieves. She and several other thieves are sent on a mission to steal a valuable artifact.

Ryukyu – The Monk

Birthplace: Onogoro, Nation of Mu, Continent of Mu
Age: 18 years old
Ryukyu is a student famous martial art’s master’s dojo. He travels from his hometown of Onogoro to Syros in order to preach against the War between Delos and Vanheim.

Elizabeth – The White Mage

Birthplace: City of Galice, Nation of Nysa, Continent of Nysa
Age: 27 years old
Elizabeth is a respected healer and works at the local church/charity center healing the sick. When war is declared, she travels with the Red Crystal to help wounded military members.
White Mage

Magos – The Black Mage

Birthplace: City of Akkad, No Nation, Continent of Nibiru
Age: 57 years old
Magos is an exceptionally talented mage living in Akkad who is searching for a mysterious Gate on the continent of Nibiru.
White Mage

Lucius – The Gray Mage

Birthplace: City of Ceos, Nation of Delos, Continent of Meropis
Age: 31 years old
Lucius’ background is mysterious. He has lived in Ashwood for nearly a decade; however, no one knows where he lived before that and he shares very little.
White Mage

Copernicus – The Engineer

City of Devencore, Nation of Nysa, Continent of Nysa
Age: 54 years old
Copernicus was a well-respected researcher at the University of Devencore but is tortured by a traumatic event in his past.
White Mage

Atalanta – The Hunter

Village of Greenwater, Nation of Delos, Continent of Meropis
Age: 19 years old
Atalanta is a young warrior content with her way of life in the small village of Greenwater which will soon host the Emperor’s daughter, Ismene, for the night as her caravan passes through.
White Mage

Leif – The Berserker

Birthplace: Wilderness of Vanheim, Nation of Vanheim, Continent of Thule
Age: 27 years old
Leif was an aimless youth who found success as a member of a mercenary band. His mercenary band has been tasked with exploring an old temple and recovering some artifacts.
White Mage

Freya – The Summoner

Birthplace: Wilderness of Vanheim, Nation of Vanheim, Continent of Thule
Age: 22 years old
Freya is a rather novice (but talented) member of the Summoner’s Guild. She is training to improve her summoning abilities.
White Mage

Ashima – The Time Mage

Birthplace: City of Sidon, City-State of Sidon, Continent of Saguenay
Age: 79 years old
Ashima is part of a thaumaturgical center in Sidon that studies the magics of time and space. She has mastered the arts of time and has now devoted herself to learning the long-lost powers of space magic.
White Mage

Shuar – The Lore Master

Birthplace: City of Izapa, Olmec Empire, Agartha Continent
Age: 38 years old
Shuar serves as the personal bodyguard of the Olmec Emperor. Her life revolves around finding rare and special monsters and stealing their powerful skills for herself
White Mage