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Last Dream II

Dwarves by Mikel Shane Prather

Mikel Shane PratherLead Composer

Mikel Shane Prather crafts stunningly emotive music for innovative games. His passion for composition was evident at an early age, while enjoying games with dramatic story lines that flow in unity with the music. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Composition from Butler University.

Esteemed Games:
Final Fantasy (VII, IX, X, XIII), Kingdom Hearts, Zelda Series, Elder Scrolls


Alex James CannonComposer

Alex is a composer and arranger who has written for television, collaborated with choreographers and artists, and scored music for film, animation and other specialist projects, including TV commercials, charity animations, short films and dance pieces.

Esteemed Games:
Final Fantasy (VII, VIII, XIII), Tomb Raider, Uncharted 3, Far Cry 3, LA Noir, Resident Evil (series)


L. Sylvan WilliamsComposer

Sylvan excels in crafting complex, complementary layers of morphing sounds that entice discerning listeners into his electronic universe. His digital compositions are powered by a top-flight engineering degree, innate curiosity, and a long-standing strict intake of rock and roll, bluegrass and old time music.

Esteemed Games:
Cribbage, Chess, Horseshoes


Justin Grant MontgomeryComposer & Game Tester

Having grown up as a gamer since he could pick up an Intellivision paddle, Justin acutely appreciates how music can enhance the gameplay experience. He decided he would direct his composition talents to crafting game scores that would elicit a deeper player immersion. When playing, Justin gravitates to JRPGs with more complex storylines.

Esteemed Games:
Final Fantasy Series, Kingdom Hearts Series, Xenosaga Series, Lufia Series, Tales Series, Lunar Series

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