Speed Run

We, the developers of Last Dream and Last Dream: World Unknown, invite you to join our Speed Running competition and win cash!

Speed Runs can elevate an RPG to a new level of engagement, as players explore a range of strategies, some very likely unforeseen by us. The Last Dream series was designed for maximum replay value and thus, we hope you will enjoy the art of Speed Running along with us.

Please view the detailed Speed Running rules below the Leaderboards.

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What is a ‘Speed Run’?

The concept of a Speed Run is to complete the game as quickly as possible. For RPGs, where the player has the option to save, this opens up two distinct possibilities:

First, the Speed Run time can be determined as the total Game Time. In this regime, deaths are not counted toward a player’s time and a small section of the game can be replayed until it has been perfected.

Second, the Speed Run time can be determined from the Real Time that it takes a player to complete the game from start to finish. In this mode of play, deaths are included in the total time.

Speed Run times produced from the first mode are always swifter because more random and rare strategies can be exploited; the player is always living on the razor’s edge, one random number from death. In the second mode, the player must be a much better judge of the probability of death at any point, since a complete party death is counted against the player’s time.

Win Cash!

We initially developed Last Dream exclusively for our annual RPG Tournaments, and even after turning the game into a commercial enterprise, our core affection for speed running remains. Hence, it is with great enthusiasm that we roll out our first public competition:

We have a standing offer to pay $25 to the person who can achieve the top position in any of the Game Time categories. Yes, that means beating us, and more specifically our Chief Developer, Dr. Andrew Walker. Awards will be issued as frequently as quarterly. Best of success!

The Rules

Last Dream must be set to “No Saving in Dungeons” – any desired encounter rate and set of characters are acceptable. Reborn mode is prohibited. Please send us your final save file for verification, and we will add your name to these Leaderboards!

Note: Changing the Game Options at any time during your speed run disqualifies the save file.