Script/Text Credits

Jeffery SzudzikCharacter Text Writer, Last Dream Expansion

Jeff is a 2004 graduate of Florida Atlantic University where he earned a B.A in Business Management, and a 2002 graduate of Broward Community College where he was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa. He currently works for the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Disaster Assistance and he volunteers as Financial Officer for the Conservation Advisory Council of Boston, NY.

Esteemed Games:
Planescape: Torment, Baldur’s Gate (I, II), Lunar (I, II), The Legacy of Kain series, Dark Souls, Link’s Awakening, Crystalis



Multiple Fogs
Advanced Scroll System
Move Commands Plus
Auto Event Properties Change
Call Event
Balloon SE
Gradient Bug Fix
Neo Save System III
Scrolling Credits
New Game Plus


Modern Algebra
Paragraph Formatter
Advanced Text System
Extraction Bug Fix for ATS
Randomized Pitch Add-On for ATS
Color Change Fix for ATS
Skipped Message Fix for ATS
Path Finding
Flash Selected Enemy
Victory Aftermath Fix
Extra Pictures
Kill Auto Shadows


Enemy AI State
Simple Enemy and Random Target AI Boost
Item Select Fix
Physical/Magical Ambiguity Fix
Skill Functions
Critical Skills
Advanced State Probability
Enemy Multi-Action
Encounter Chance
Checkpoint Game Over


Row Changer
Chest Pop-Up
Battle Macros
Debug Tools
F9 in Battle


Yanfly Engine RD – State Resist Fix
Yanfly Engine RD – Enemy Reappear Fix
Yanfly Engine RD – Interface Fix
Yanfly Engine RD – Bitmap Fix
Yanfly Engine RD – Usable Item Fix
Yanfly Engine RD – Shown Skills Fix
Yanfly Engine RD – Animation Fix
Yanfly Engine RD – Turn Order Fix
Yanfly Engine RD – Custom Status Properties
Yanfly Engine – Custom Target Select
Yanfly Engine RD – Custom Turn Order
Yanfly Engine RD – Display Party Data 2.0
Yanfly Engine RD – Enemy Level Control
Yanfly Engine RD – Display Victory Aftermath
Yanfly Engine RD – Victory Aftermath Compatibility
Yanfly Engine RD Victory Aftermath Extra Page – Gain JP
Yanfly Engine RD – Common Event Menu
Yanfly Engine RD – Common Event Shop
Yanfly Engine RD – Event Chase Player
Yanfly Engine RD – Stop All Movement
Yanfly Engine RD – Variable Controlled Dashing
Yanfly Engine RD – Variable Controlled Discounts
Yanfly Engine RD – Variable Controlled Encounters
Yanfly Engine RD – Actor Item Synthesis
Yanfly Engine RD – Bestiary + Display Scanned Enemy
Yanfly Engine RD – Display Skill Query
Yanfly Engine RD – Menu System Options
Yanfly Engine RD – Scene Menu ReDux + KGC Custom Menu Command
Yanfly Engine RD – Scene Status ReDux
Yanfly Engine RD – Equip Skill Slots
Yanfly Engine RD – Subclass Selection System
Yanfly Engine Melody – New Battle Stats
Yanfly Engine RD – Battler Stat Aggro
Yanfly Engine RD – Battler Stat: Barehand
Yanfly Engine RD – Custom Battle Actions
Yanfly Engine RD – Custom Dmg Formulas RD
Yanfly Engine RD – Custom Element Affinity
Yanfly Engine RD – Icon Reference Library
Yanfly Engine RD – Scene Shop ReDux
Yanfly Engine – IconView
Yanfly Engine RD – Display Item Query


OmegaX Advanced World Map System
Map Saver
Game Achievements


Continue BGM
Thomas Edison


KGC/Tomy translated by Mr. Anonymous
Event Lag Reduction
Unlimit Parameters
Win32API Interface
File Encryption 2
Compress Save File
Change System Terms
Bitmap Extension
Additional Help Window Functions
Special Text Formatting
Draw Shadowed and Framed Text
Additional Mathematics
Restored Event Commands
Splash Logo
Yanfly Modified KGC Extended Equip Scene
Equipment Extension
Skill Categorizations
Hidden Skills
Delay Skill
Usable Equipment
Special Transitions
Item Drop Expansion
Battle Difficulty
EXP & Gold Gain States
Forced Victory ME Stop
Battle Message Wait Time Adjustment
Party Expansion & Formation
Tileset Extension
Item Categorization
Equipment Effects
Restored Combat Functions
OverDrive System
Steal Skill
Slip Damage
Ratio Damage
Cooperation Skills
Learn Skill by State
Reverse Damage State
Attribute Point Stat Distribution
Passive Skill
Day/Night System


Minigame Bull’s Eye
Minigame Slot Machine
Minigame Button Mash
Minigame Input Match


Mr. Bubble
Tankentai Sideview Battle System
Notetags Add-on for RPG Tankentai Sideview Battle System
More Action Sequence Commands for RPG Tankentai Sideview Battle System
Animation Overlay Patch for RPG Tankentai SBS


KGC_Steal Fix for RPG Tankentai Sideview Battle System






Encounter Control


Regenerate HP/MP


Stealth Detection System


Simple Storage System