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    Andrew Walker

    Whitney, sorry for the very slow response.

    Jumping over the gaps in the mine cart tracks is largely a matter of timing. You need to hit it right before you’re about to dive into the gap. If you hit it at any time before that, it won’t do anything (i.e. you can’t jump anywhere but the gaps). The button you use is the “action button”, which is the button you’d use to initiate conversation an NPC.

    in reply to: Problems, impressions, suggestions #1913

    Andrew Walker

    whitney: Sorry for your frustration. Regarding the game going slowly, anything you can do to improve your computer’s speed will help:

    1) Close all other non-essential processes
    2) Defragment your hard drive
    3) Restart your computer, if it’s been a long time

    Does the game actually freeze and not allow any more movement during Super Boss fights? Or does it slow down?

    in reply to: Bug Fixes for Game Update #1908

    Andrew Walker

    I looked back through my previous e-mails and here is what I found:

    Generally, the error is due to hardware acceleration. Try following the instructions here to see if this works for you:

    If that doesn’t work, it’s likely a problem due to DirectX. Try installing the latest version or it’s specific to your video card. If none of the earlier items work, let me know what video card you’re using.

    in reply to: Bug Fixes for Game Update #1906

    Andrew Walker

    Have you tried using F1 and the “reduce screen flicker” option?

    I remember that someone else had a similar problem and I believe that we were able to fix it. I’ll go back through my emails and look if the “reduce screen flicker” button doesn’t work.

    in reply to: Bug Fixes for Game Update #1869

    Andrew Walker

    Glad to help.

    in reply to: Bug Fixes for Game Update #1867

    Andrew Walker

    Yeah, that makes sense. The save files are hidden in some deep dark place due to the permission restrictions in the Program Files that doesn’t allow for the creation of new files. The save files all exist but they can’t be created as “hard copy” files until the permissions are changed.

    I received your save file and I’ll try to send it back to you during my lunch today (in ~4-5 hours). Regarding your question about how the fix will affect you: You’ll be at exactly the same location except the guard will be functioning properly. You won’t lose any progress.

    Sorry again for the bug. Comprehensive game testing is tough.

    in reply to: Bug Fixes for Game Update #1865

    Andrew Walker

    vgn-larrymac: I’m sorry that you’ve also experienced this bug. We haven’t yet released a game update but I plan to sometime in the next week. In the meantime, I can fix your save file, if you’d like.

    To get your save file fixed, please follow the following instructions:
    1) Navigate to the “parent” folder of the Last Dream installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86))
    2) Locate the “Last Dream” installation folder.
    3) Right click on the “Last Dream” folder and select “Properties” at the bottom of the list.
    4) Go to the “Security” tab (3rd from the left).
    5) Find the text “To change permissions, click Edit.” in the “Last Dream Properties” pop-up window.
    6) Click the “Edit” button just to the right of that text.
    7) For each of the groups or user names in the upper box do the following:
    a) Highlight the group or username in the upper box.
    b) Click the “Allow” box in the “Full Control” row of the lower box. It should check all other “allow” boxes.
    c) Click “Apply” in the lower right hand corner.
    d) A windows security box will pop up showing windows changing the permissions on all the files.
    8) Once you’ve done this for all of the groups and user names in the upper box, click “OK” in the “Permission for Last Dream” pop-up window.
    9) Click “OK” in the “Last Dream Properties” pop-window.
    10) Enter the “Last Dream” installation folder.
    11) Double-click on the “Game” application (denoted with unicorn head icon) to open Last Dream.
    12) While in-game, load up your current game.
    13) Save your game and then exit Last Dream. You should find a save file from the same slot in your installation folder (e.g. if you saved from slot #3, you will see Save3).
    14) Send the save file from your installation folder to

    in reply to: A few questions #1843

    Andrew Walker

    Remember: Thanks for your interest in Last Dream. If you change computers, you won’t need to purchase the game again. You can use the key that you purchase on as many computers as you own. You’ll only need to re-download the game from our Download page.

    If Last Dream does come out on Steam, we’ll be happy to give you a Steam key if you’ve already purchased the game.

    in reply to: Competitions & Leaderboards #1838

    Andrew Walker

    Congratulations to our first entrant and current first place: Chris Moore

    He finished in 14h 32m 12s. Can anyone dethrone him and take the $150?

    in reply to: Recipes #1830

    Andrew Walker

    whitney: All of those recipes are ones that have had their names changed. They appear in the recipe item list in the Strategy Guide but nowhere else. Sorry for the confusion.

    To determine the recipes you are missing, you should check the recipe sub-section of the Collections menu. Hopefully, that helps. Search for those recipe names in the strategy guide.

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