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    Hello again. No one responded to my last post πŸ™ I still don’t know that pw either πŸ™ Anyway, I’ve still got more to say!

    Short cut keys. Lots of the keys are unused in most parts of the game and it would be nice to have a shortcut to map key especially. Macro shortcuts would also be nice. Ever play a game localized by Working Designs? They used to take every unmapped key available and make it a shortcut to something useful. I always loved that.

    I’m still dawdling, trying to get 100% on my completion page. I am finding some things difficult or even impossible. First off, because I saved the village by the volcano apparently the dude living there is not moving to a tent and I can’t get 100% locations simply due to saving a town? Can’t he randomly go camping or something? Second I am having a hard time finding all of the drops I need to finish up the last few pieces of equipment due to the overworld enemies all being replaced… the strat guide only lists the overworld for most of the things I am missing and searching/grinding has been taking many hours and I still am missing Pixie Dust, Dark Pixie Dust, Archfiend tooth, and Summoner Book. Wish I at least knew exactly where to look. Finally, can’t seem to fish up the first 3 giant fish on the giant fish list. Is there a special place I need to fish or do I just need a bait below the best bait? I’m assuming the best rod is involved, but have only been using the best bait as I got 99 of it in a chest or something.

    An issue I find annoying is that when I use a special out of battle it sets that to cursor memory in the battle. So I avoid healing out of battle with magic as I want my default mem action to be an attack with my red mage. Hope that makes sense.

    I’m missing cutscene 7? Is that normal?

    There is no Tiamat next to my Bahamut, even thought I saved him/her… is that normal?

    I took a screen of getting stuck in some trees with a raft in the one dungeon… not sure if you would like to see it/how to get it to you if so. I also found a roof you can walk through in the first castle town by the visiting troops in the upper left. I didn’t get stuck though, but it was a bit odd.

    I’m at very high levels (over 100 with all the drop grinding), and I’ve found the pre stat doesn’t seem to be working right at all. Before I mentioned that my ninja go first skill is does not work when using an item. Now it doesn’t seem to work at all as my grey mage goes first every time. And my hunter goes last despite having higher pre than most of the party. I’m a bit confused. Is going first linked to one of the equips but not listed?

    And also wanted to mention, someone else said the ninja was not very strong endgame… I actually find my pretty strong, especially for wiping out random encounters. But I’m having a very hard time coming up with anything for my hunter to do… the days of using moas are long behind me and while she has 3 buffs/debuffs that I toss out at the start of boss battles, I fins that after that I have no use for her. I can’t even use her for healing because despite her pre being very high, like I said earlier she always goes last! I just wish she had maybe a chance based attack that could do high damage or low depending on where her arrow hit or something.

    OK, sorry if I sound critical… obviously I am enjoying the game immensely or I would not still be playing it! I should probably grab an update, but I’m just too lazy to move my save and worried it may cause problems with my current save as well. I figure I’ll update as soon as I complete my first game. So, once again, sorry if any of this is old news and fixed in the patch.

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    I figured the soundtrack idea was not going to happen, but what about a sound test in the game? With a random button? So I can have it just playing in the background through the commercial product in question? Just a thought πŸ™‚

    I love the idea of having a speed run option separate from the regular game option for those who want to play competitively… and an everything happens fast option just for me πŸ™‚

    Now for some new items.

    Some of the puzzles have run disabled, I assume to make them less frustrating, but occasionally I wish I could run, especially after I have completed them and am walking out. So, in these cases for those of us who have always run selected the shift button could be used to run in those cases. (yes, once again, I’m an impatient person)

    Sometimes when I use healing herbs hunter skill in the menu it randomly skips some of my peeps, not sure if this is normal.

    It would be really cool for after one has the airship to be able to use the world map as a go to menu… would remove tons of tedium from the game. Same time used, just auto-navigated!

    Have you considered a call enemy hunter skill for those who get tired of pacing to farm for drops?

    I have the always go first skill for my ninja, but when I use an item his pre is used and he often goes after the enemy making the skill quite a bit less useful.

    When there is only one enemy target it seems redundant to have to select them with single hit attacks/skills.

    A cool idea used extensively in the Etrian Odyssey series that I really appreciate is the idea of inflicting status with one character and then using another character with special skills related to extra damage against status inflicted enemies. I think that could be a fun thing to add to your second game.

    I think it would make sense that if an item is used in the menu and you have an engineer in the party that you should get his item boost applied. If I were adventuring with an engineer, I’d always hand him my potions to dump down my throat!

    After I got Kali’s medallion I had to warp stone out as the raft was at the far end of the lake. No biggie, but I would have been a little miffed had I not had a huge stockpile of the things.

    A final important improvement is that you shouldn’t be able to buy potions in bulk! I miss pressing heal yes buy hundreds of times and I’m feeling nostalgic :p

    And one last thing… I lost my sheet I was writing passwords on and haven’t yet been into the secret area in Rubicon and I want my 100% items. Any chance you could just tell me what it is? Or direct me to where it’s found?

    Another last thing. Timing puzzles are killing me. Seriously. I’m thinking about scheduling with a cardiologist. Too much stress! I finally got through the awful one across the lava and won the hardest moa race with a partner to do the match keypress game on the keyboard while I button mashed and did the bullseye game. Using our personal strengths together, we barely won! My track and field skills were all that saved us. Speaking of which, I can’t get over 97 on the button mashing in the casino… frustrating! In fact, I get 97 nearly every time. I’m not even improving. In summery, for the next game please add more cerebral challenges or have super bosses that drop puzzle passes or something. Some of us play RPG’s cause we suck at everything else! (still trying to figure out how to do the mine cart section and I can’t get past the one part do to input lag or something, grr)

    That’s it. Really. Sorry again if anything was already addressed. Will be finishing the game soon I think, kinda sad about that, but eager to play again with a new team πŸ™‚

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    Me again πŸ™‚

    When stealing there is a rather annoyingly long delay for the text telling me what item I stole… this was manageable when stealing single items, but now that I have the steal from all skill it’s driving me nuts! (Yes, I have a serious problem with waiting!)

    On the achievements screen if you scroll to the end (left to right) and press right again, rather than wrap to the next line it jumps to the bottom right. (If this is addressed in update, sorry, I didn’t update yet.)

    When I finally got to the arena I was pretty overpowered and got to mid tier 4 all at once, so the cut scenes about asking Cid for help with finding monsters for me to battle that happened weeks ago made no sense whatsoever. Not sure how this could be fixed really, just wanted to make you aware that it’s a bit of a silly part for those who plowed through the section all at once.

    Finally, I’m sure there are some legal troubles here, but if at all possible I would love to be able to get a hold of the soundtrack for this game πŸ™‚

    Finally, finally, I want to see a “carrot beef horse dog” in a game sometime, maybe Last Dream II will be that game? (This is an animal my son made up when he was 2… they eat carrots. Sounds doable right?)

    Back to playing the game…

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    Yay, I hope the thief will be wearing pink, lol. That way I can really blend in while picking locks right in front of townspeople! I like to name my characters after my family, obviously my cat got to be a hunter in this game, she’s very happy. My son is a grey mage because red mages are the best and my hubby is an engineer cause he’s a programmer and loves engineering stuff. But what to do for the next game? There will be too many choices! My cat really wants to be a pally though πŸ™‚

    I have hundreds of games in my backlog and rarely finish those I actually start, your game is really good and I see myself not only finishing, but maybe even playing again, the hard difficulty was a bit too easy… I want more challenge and a chance to use some of the other classes as well. I need moas though, can’t stand molasses movement on the overworld without them! Oh, I did finally see the game over screen, on that island where you pay to enter the doors to battle series of enemies. Forget what it’s called. But now I know that party death results in a rather serious and final game over screen, yay!

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    Going along with what Matt Malm said… I love how in Phatasy Star IV you can actually have your mages equip dual shields… I love the image of a frail little mage hiding behind his shields waiting for a chance to cast a spell. So basically, no offense at the expense of some pretty extreme defense. I like this for my heal tank, that way the healer rarely end up dead πŸ™‚

    Love, love, love these two ideas from BoogieMan:

    30-50% zoom out when using Ship/Sub and 50-100% zoom out when using Airship to aid in navigation so less map checking needs to be done. And/Or mini map toggle.

    Hidden Islands that don’t show on map until you see them.

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    I kind of gave up on running the game on my desktop and am running it just fine on my less powerful laptop. In fact, I had no idea just how slow it was running until I started playing on the laptop! I like it even more than I did before, and that’s saying a lot. I think it’s the first game I haven’t fallen asleep playing in many years… unless I was playing something retro of course. All the new stuff is just so slow and boring for me with attack animations, camera pans, slow voice acted dialog, etc. Basically, I love this game, might be game of the decade for me πŸ™‚

    Now, on to some ideas and suggestions. Sorry if any were mentioned here or elsewhere, I’ve only been skimming the comments, mostly to avoid spoilers, I’m still less than halfway through the game.

    OK, when leveling up it would be nice to see what the natural stats are as well as the modified by equip stats.

    It would be great if there were a pause button for those of us who have hectic home lives and who want a more accurate play time at the end.

    I love how FF1 had enemy tiles, often in front of chests or at the entrance to treasure rooms and would like to see that in a game again.

    To go along with elemental weaknesses, weapon types are also fun, such as blunt being good against undead, etc… this also ties in with my earlier suggestion about weapon skills, you can level up piercing weapons when using them, but may have to choose between sticking with that leveled up skill and using a piercing wep or switching to blunt which you haven’t yet leveled in an area full of undead. Just a fun thought.

    Ship background battles look silly while riding on my blue choco, er, moa.

    The map is difficult to use, it would be nice to be able to pan around on it or to at least have the location list not obscure it. It kinda reminds me of the way the map system usually is in Tales games, but is less user friendly.

    A fun final fishing upgrade would be a fishing net that could randomly catch things while sailing the ocean πŸ™‚

    My big request is for LDII to have a choice of male and female portraits. I was seriously bummed that I couldn’t have a female thief, I always like to play as a thief type character with my name, but I don’t want to be a scarred dude! I ended up naming him my initials, JAG.

    That’s all I have for now, can’t wait to play again tonight πŸ™‚

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    How about a little appreciation for those of us who take time to smell the roses? I wish the game kept track of things like reading every book or searching every object in town or talking to every NPC… cause I do that πŸ™‚ This obviously kills my play time, but I always say someone programmed that stuff in there, so they must be happy to know someone saw it. So I propose recognition for those who appreciated the effort of the developers the most and took darn near forever. I probably won’t even be done with the game by Sept. 30 πŸ˜›

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    Geez, I just build this thing 5 years ago… please refrain from calling it “very old”, lol.

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    One last thing, my FPS drops as low as 2 when walking in the area with rain. Also, the music never skips or gets garbled.

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    I have the 32 bit version and yeah, even though I tossed in 4 gigs of ram, I am only able to use a bit under 3.5 gigs. My video card is Nvidia GeForce 8600 GTS with 256 megs ram. My processor is AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 5000+ 2.61 Ghz. I assume that means each core is running at 2.61. I have directX 9.0C, which is the latest supported by XP. When not running the game I am using about 0-1% of my processor and a little bit of ram. When running the game I’m using about 300 or so megs of ram, nothing significant. Running Chrome with 37 tabs open I’m using 3% processor give or take and about 2 gigs of ram. I should close some tabs πŸ™‚

    I just updated my video card drivers the other day as well. I’m not willing to upgrade my OS unless at least 10 totally awesome games come out that require a more recent version… at this point there are 0, so I’ll wait. I keep my PC very clean and have no extraneous software installed. I only use the PC for gaming and a bit of web browsing. I do not run a virus scan or anything else that loads on start-up. I don’t even have acrobat reader installed. I only run system critical processes, games, and chrome πŸ™‚ I have 3 hard drives, OS is on my 7200 rpm 500 gig drive and all games are installed on my 300 gig drive, which may only be 5400 rpm, comparable with most laptops. My third drive is an old laptop drive that I keep photos and stuff on. I will look into moving things around tonight as per your suggestions.

    I poked around in the game more and my processor is getting pegged at the beginning of each battle, almost constantly where there is rain, frequently where there is screen scrolling, and when entering the map and completion sections of the menu. Ram use never went over 400 megs. Turning off sound did not help at all. With reduced flickering on the overall CPU use was up around 50 even in simpler areas and with it off it was around 35 in those areas (non scrolling building interiors for instance).

    My plan for tonight is to fool around with hard drive stuff a bit and failing that, rig up my laptop to play the game. I am assuming the save file is easy to locate and transfer, so hopefully everything will go smoothly. Thanks for all your help everyone! I seem to be that one unlucky person with the perfect combo of hardware/circumstances to not be able to run the game right, yay me! I’ll let you all know if I get things running smoothly. Thanks again,


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