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    OK, ran defrag and cleared up 77 gigs of 150… still slow 🙁 Tonight I’m going to try moving it to my C drive and see if that helps? Pretty much finding any scrolling background slows things down (I assume to do redraws) and any animations make it much worse, places with rain move at a crawl and the puzzle where more than one rock moves when pushing the brown one took about 5 seconds to process per move.

    I’m sure there is something with my system in particular that is not playing nicely with the game. I do have a Windows 7 laptop that is probably a bit less powerful that I can test it out on… I also have a win 98 PC that I keep here by the desk for running FF7, 8 (although I don’t know why I would ever actually want to run it), and a few other programs that refuse to accept modernization, but I’m thinking that won’t do me much good for this game.

    I hate laptops, but I’ll have to see if I have all the right stuff to hook it up to my monitor, with the nice screen and my Saturn controller even a laptop may be tolerable (assuming I can ignore all those whiny, grindy sounds). Just completed everything before the ship (other than those grey chests of course). I’m level 12 using grey mage, hunter, engineer, and thief. The game brings back tons of memories of playing FF1 with different and challenging parties. I remember my goal to beat the game with all chars of one class. I managed with all but one, I believe it was white mage, simply because I couldn’t deal enough damage to chaos. Or maybe it was black mage due to OHKO… I actually forget, lol.

    Red mage has always been my fav class, so I was happy to see grey mages, plus I love the recluse series of books with grey mages in it 🙂 I’m playing on hard and default settings for the rest. Challenge seems good. I still don’t know what happens if I have a party wipe, but my thief like to die a lot :/ I loved beating up a nasty group of 6 super powerful enemies on the hard side of the forest (so, yeah, have to come back for that area later too). I love it when games mix in some challenging areas early on, it’s very satisfying to succeed at such endeavors.

    Also, finally found those warp stones, expensive buggers! In the area of suggestions, only have 2 more right now. First off, it would be great if I could synth with the items I currently have equipped, this has been by far my main annoyance with the game, unequipping to synth. My second suggestion is mostly silly, but it’s so impossible to search on google for your game due to it’s very generic name… a sub title would really help here 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for the awesome game, can’t wait to play it tonight!

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    Oh, hate to double post, but I wanted to clear up what I meant by airship battles. I didn’t mean random ones like the ship battles in Final Fantasy 1, I meant like in Skies of Arcadia where there are just a few scripted battles using a whole separate battle engine designed just for airship vs airship battles or airship vs giant enemy (like FF7 weapons) battles. The airship battles in Skies are some of the most fun and memorable turn based battles pretty much ever (although I am a bit partial to the battle system in PDS, in case one can’t tell by my user name.) I completely agree that otherwise the airship should be a combat free experience.

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    OK, did a lot of work to try to get this game running better and learned some stuff. I updated graphics drivers with no results. I cleaned up running processes and am down to only what is system critical. No improvement. So I ran the game in windowed mode and watched my processor use and whenever there is slowdown my processor is pegged to max (50 in this case as I have a dual core and the game only seems to use one core). On the overworld my processor ranges from about 48-50 and slowdown occurs right when I reach 50. Towns range 40-50, indoors (no screen scrolling) 34-48, menu 30’s, battle 35-50 (slowdown again occurred at 50). I have an AMD Athlon 64 dual core 5000+ 2.61 ghz. I am able to run Quintessense, a much nicer looking game technically speaking, uses tons of effects and looks beautiful and watching that in windowed mode the cpu uses maxes around 35. I’d really like to get this game running better. I feel silly having to upgrade my CPU to run a game that looks like it should run in my SNES emulator! (BTW, in no way am I insulting the graphics in your game, I like simpler 2D graphics just fine.)

    Oh, and some more suggestions (which you can of course again disregard if already planned or implemented 🙂

    Visible system clock while playing the game so I always know what time it is IRL!
    Quick save feature where data is deleted when loaded for those times when I have to take an emergency break.
    Weapons that hit all enemies but are weaker/weapons that hit by group of enemies like in the Lufia games.
    It’s hard to tell the difference between the 7 and the 1 during battle.
    Hoping there will be a dungeon escape item or teleport to town item, missing my escapipes!
    It would be nice to be able to name the macros as well as have a few more available.

    I’m really enjoying the game other than the slowdown and have gotten up to level 11 at this point. Hopefully you can give me some advice as to what I can do to improve performance so that I can fully appreciate the experience. I’m wondering if I should buy a new CPU or if I will just end up having the same problem? Mines certainly getting older at this point, but I never would have guessed this would be the game that would force an upgrade!

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