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    Another small thing to report. I probably won’t be reporting anything for some time after this, as I’ll be too busy with other things to play Last Dream for the rest of the week. I’ll be continuing next week, though.

    Anyway, onto my report.

    In Daedalus’s puzzle, if you happen to encounter an enemy while on top of one of the grey tiles, the ones different from the rest, that tile will turn into a normal one after finishing the battle. This happened every time, so it is not a single instance.

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    Some more reports.

    In the Old Mine, if you get onto one of the carts from the south or the north, the cart will then appear on the non-track tile that you were standing on.
    Also, it is a bit strange how you can only get off the cart on either the southern or the northern part at each end to the tracks.
    …I’m having a hard time coming up with the right words. My brain is still asleep, or somesuch. Probably. Hopefully, you understand what I am trying to say.

    After the class promotion, there was no clear change, other than the new ability points and available skills. Later, however, when I entered the Old Mine (but not earlier, checked the saves between that and the class promotion) the Black Mage’s (or, now, the Warlock’s) portrait changed. The others, however, remained unchanged. The in-battle and menu appearances for all of them remained unchanged. I’m not sure if this is how it is supposed to be, but I am pretty sure that the delayed portrait change for the Warlock was not intentional.

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    Finally succeeded in clearing this in under 45 seconds. At first, I had a bit of trouble completing it all. After realizing how you were supposed to treat 9 and 13 as a set, however, it became very simple, and merely a matter of how speed. After that, I had to spend a lot of time trying to clear if quickly enough, with as little errors as possible. Hard, considering the way the controls seem to be ‘reversed’, in my opinion. And the opinion of some others as well, it seems like.
    After a bit of practice, I could easily get 50 seconds or so. But that was not enough. Finally, after many tries, I managed to get a time of 40 seconds.

    So yes, the time required should be expanded. Not a lot. A time limit of 60 seconds would be more than enough for me.

    …Or, you could just make it possible to change the controls in the puzzle. The reversed controls cause a lot of errors, thus taking time.

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    And a fourth post in a row… It really would help if you could edit older posts as well. Anyway, I had one small suggestions, and a couple small reports on typos and whatnot.

    First, the suggestion. I think it would be nice if you could check your own characters’ stats mid-battle, the same way you can check the enemies’. That could be very helpful.

    And then the reports. I just started taking notes on things.
    In Riverdale, the Aide who is collecting money for rebuilding Rubicon says “you’re donation” twice, I think. It should be, quite obviously, “your donation”.
    During the class promotion event, the word ‘receive’ is spelled ‘recieve’. ‘Receive’ is the correct form.
    And then one that I am a bit unsure of. The Black Belt’s Chakra’s description says ‘chance to inflict any/ally status effects’. Should that be ‘any/all’?

    And once again, there’s the Black Mage’s/Warlock’s magic. There is some inconsistency in the wording of the basic damage-dealing spells. Some spells say that they do damage ‘with [element] element’, whereas some say that they do damage ‘of [element] element. These start after the sixth level of spells.
    Also, Darkness 7 has the Wind icon instead of the Darkness icon.

    There are some for the White Mage/Priestess as well. NullDark has the Ice icon instead of the Darkness icon. Divine Intervention description says ‘ressurects’, when it should be ‘resurrects’.

    And I also remembered a couple more things. The class icons. When you access the Skills menu, you can see a small icon next to the class’s name. I believe that they are a bit mixed up. The Monk has an axe next to its name, while the Hunter has a fist. The White Mage has what I think is a lightning of some sort? And, as the most obviously wrong one, the Black Mage has a sword.
    Also, when you access the information of a piece of equipment, such as a weapon, you can also see the class name’s and icons. They are incorrect there as well. Thief has the icon of what would most probably belong to the White Mage, the Engineer has Thief’s, the Hunter still has the fist, and so on…

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    Another puzzle bug. I’m not sure what triggered it, but in the Ice Cave puzzle where you have to align the numbers 1-15, after I had been trying to do it perfectly for a long, long, long time, the ice tiles on which the numbers were on started… fusing, when I moved them. I ended up with four empty tiles, with no idea which one would move next. Strange.

    Since I don’t really know much about it, this isn’t really helpful, but, well, at least now you know that that CAN happen, and that there is something to search for in that puzzle.

    Edit: By the way, a question: Does that puzzle count as ‘solved’ for the achievements even if I don’t get it perfectly? Even if i don’t get all the chests, that is?

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    Another little thing. In the Mountain Pass on the Northern Continent, near the southern entrance, there is an invisible sign that says ‘Mysidia Mountain Pass’. Or at the very least, I can’t see it. Just one tile that I cannot move onto, and when I press the action button while facing it, a message saying ‘Mysidia Mountain Pass’ will show up. More specifically, it is two paces to the north and two to the east of the spot where you appear upon entering the Mountain Pass from the south.

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    Just reporting a minor thing this time, not a bug, but a strange line.
    In Borea, the ‘Curious Woman’ says that Hannibal is ‘a masochist who delights in the murder and torture of his enemies’. I believe it is supposed to say ‘a sadist’?

    On a separate note, I agree with pretty much every one of PanzerAzelSaturn’s suggestions, some of them more or less.
    Though I can’t see blunt damage being effective against any other undead than skeletons. A zombie or something wouldn’t even notice. You’d need to cut them into pieces with cutting damage. I think all undead would be resistant against arrows and such, though. Especially skeletons.
    But yes, the ‘physical elements’ should probably be used in the game somehow. In the bestiary, resistances to them are visible for every enemy, but they all happen to be neutral against every one of them. Why’s this, exactly?

    I should probably come up with some suggestions of my own at some point. Most of the things I’d like to see in Last Dream II have already been said at some point, though.

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    And a third post in a row. Well, no can do, since I can no longer edit my previous post. It really seems like there’s a time limit for editing, or something like that.

    Anyway, I found another bug. One that doesn’t cause any real trouble, but is… odd, to say the least.
    When riding on a Blue Moa, you can dive ANYWHERE. Not just deep water, but shallow water as well. And sand. And forest, and snow. Those are the ones I tested, at the very least. Of course, while ‘underwater’ after ‘diving’ in a place like that, you’re stuck, with impassable tiles all around you, but you can easily just resurface, so it won’t force you to load a save or anything.
    Still a rather strange bug. I suppose it wasn’t thought of since diving is primarily the upgraded ship’s function, and the ship can’t move on land, or somesuch.

    …I wonder if I’ll find a third Moa-related bug?

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    I suppose I might post here as well.

    I’ve only made one team, which works very well for me. They’re currently level 23.

    Monk, with some points put into HP, Attack, Defense and Pre-emption. I’ve upgraded each about 30 times, some more, some less. A few points have gone to Agility and Magic Defense as well, but those were put early. I no longer bother with them, instead using equipment to boost them. He has almost no pre-emption, with only equipment boosting it somewhat. He’s usually the last to move in a battle.
    And then, the overwhelming majority goes to Accuracy. 137 upgrades to that. When you count skills and equipment in, he has 200 accuracy, causing him to hit everything five times.
    He utterly annihilates anything that blocks his way.

    Hunter. Some into pretty much everything except Intelligence and Magic Defense. Some Accuracy, some Defense, some Mana Points, even some into Critical, with it being incredibly cheap for her. And then there’s Agility and Pre-emption, both of which have around 80 upgrades to them. Her high agility combined with the fact that she gets all the heavy armor makes her very durable. But her main role comes from her Pre-emption. Thanks to it, she ALWAYS hits first in a battle, with the exception of some boss battles that I try far too early. Then she scans the opponents or cripples them via Slow Enemy or many other nice skills. She’s mostly support, but can deal some damage herself with her critical hits.

    White Mage. Some points have gone to Hit Points and Magic Defense, both with 30 upgrades, and even a few into Defense, to help the helper stay alive. Later on, when I started getting good equipment to boost the defensive stats, though, there hasn’t been too much need for that. About 40 upgrades in Pre-emption. She has equipped plenty of equipment that boosts Pre-emption as well, letting her move before almost all enemies. The overwhelming majority of points have gone to Mana Points and Intelligence, however, with some more to Mana Points. Since, well, that’s her role. To heal the party, and to boost their defenses, speed and such to make it more likely that they never need healing in the first place. In boss battles, her first action is usually to cast Quicksilver, greatly enhancing the Pre-emption of the entire party.

    And last, but not least, the Black Mage. As with the White Mage, most of his points have gone to Intelligence and Mana Points, for obvious reasons. He has also upgraded Pre-emption somewhat, but due to the high cost, he relies on equipment boosting it even more than the White Mage. In fact, almost every single piece of equipment he wears was chosen because it boosts pre-emption. He also has some points in Hit Points, but it is really hard to raise in his case, due to the very low cost effectiveness ratio. He has a fair bit of Magic Defense, letting him stay alive from any and all party attacks.
    In normal battles, his role is to annihilate the enemy before they really get to do anything. One spell that is, if possible, of the element the enemies are weak to, chosen from several options of different strengths, so that as little Mana Points are wasted as possible. The Hunter will usually weaken the toughest enemy beforehand, and the Monk will finish off whatever survives.
    In boss battles, his role is different, however. Instead of attacking himself, he first boosts the Monk’s damage-dealing ability to the roof with Crackshot and possibly Powerhouse. After Crackshot, the Monk will have about 50% chance to deal a critical hit. Combine that with the ability to hit five times, and a nice amount of Attack… Well. The Black Mage may also use Debilitate to further enhance damage dealt. Alternatively, if survival seems to be an issue, he may use Genius to enhance the White Mage’s ability to heal the team, but that is rarely needed.

    Well, that is my team. I’ll probably use a fairly different one on my next playthrough.

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    Came across another little bug. Can’t edit the last post, so I have to send a new one.

    In the Dragon Caves Puzzle Area, when you enter the hole on the lower platform in the second-rightmost row from the south, you appear on the platform to the north of it, but do not leave the area above the hole on that platform, therefore getting stuck.
    That may have been a not-so-good description, but you understood, no?
    Anyway, since you’re stuck, the only way to get out is to load a save.

    Edit: Tested again, remembered incorrectly. It was some other entrance that caused it. Checking to see which one.

    Edit of an edit: I can’t seem to be able to replicate it myself. But in any case, a bug like that happened, so it is possible to get stuck in the puzzle, even if the cause is unclear. Some more investigation might be necessary.

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