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Enhanced Features Offered Within “Last Dream: World Unknown”

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Many thoughtful fans have generously shared their game design ideas with our team through the Steam comments or directly via We feel fortunate to benefit from this considerable knowledge base and Last Dream: World Unknown features many exciting new elements such as battle warm-ups and cool-downs, character specific sidequests, and a massive super dungeon!

Grand Ugbar Pagoda - Resize

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The Evolution of Firma

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The World Map in Last Dream: World Unknown was originally envisioned as two massive continents: Aldrin and Vir. However, as we began experiencing the in-game journey, our team recognized that the dungeon and village locations were too densely populated. That is, a fundamental element of great RPGs is an expansive sense of exploration. Although the rework involved was considerable, our team substantially revamped the World Map of Last Dream: World Unknown to enhance the enjoyment of exploration.

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“Last Dream: World Unknown” Development Continues!

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Following the surprise success of Last Dream and a multi-year, fan-backed journey to craft a sequel and expansion to our flagship game, Last Dream: World Unknown is approaching the final stages of development. Our development team remains dedicated to carefully polishing the player experience and we eagerly look forward to sharing our newest game adventure with you. We plan to offer weekly progress updates on our development progress from now until release!

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