700 Pages of Preamble

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The Chief Developer for Last Dream: World Unknown is compiling another massive Strategy Guide, on track to exceed 700 pages. This volume will include a complete walk-through, comprehensive skills and items, battler stats, puzzles, village offerings, and much more. Yet, developer-generated Strategy Guides tend to serve as mere introductions to their games. Players discover many more tricks and advanced strategies than we could have conceived. In Last Dream 1, did we know the fastest means to acquire the Ship or how to beat the game in the fewest steps? Definitely not. We also design our games over multiple years and input as much content as possible, rendering a mere 700 pages insufficient to capture the many non-playable characters, in-game “books”, Easter Eggs, and other enhancements. Hence, we greatly hope you enjoy the pending Strategy Guide for World Unknown as an introduction to a vast new world!