Colorful Characters

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Generating a video game world requires a multiple of colorful non-playable characters (NPCs). These NPCs should be interesting to the player and offer useful information or potential rewards. Most of all, NPCs should enhance the feeling that the game world has been “lived in.”

Last Dream 2 is the home to over a thousand NPCs, including this Stagecoach scene our team just wrote with three NPCs. What do you think?

1. Stagecoach Guard 1 – Thieves in these parts are tricky indeed. You never can tell when they might strike.

2. Stagecoach Guard 2 – Best to hire sentries like us to protect your precious items. Our prices are so good, you might call them a steal!

3. Wealthy Traveler – I hired a stagecoach to ferry me to Ashwood. Although my long journey involved an overnight stay in isolated woods, my safety was “guaranteed” by these two sentries. Somehowthieves silently invaded my sleeping quarters and stole from my precious collection. Frankly, I suspect my guards are the actual thieves! Since I am too rich to fight, I need a tough lot like you to defend my worldly gains. Of course, I’ll reward you accordingly. Sound like a deal?

If the player declines to aid the Wealthy Traveler, the NPC text will remain unchanged. However, if the player is feeling bold and clicks “Yes”, new text will appear:

4. Stagecoach Guard 1 & 2 – You dare question our soldiery integrity?! I’ll cut out your lying tongue!

A suitably challenging battle will commence against the two Stagecoach Guards. If the player is victorious, the Wealthy Traveler will follow through on his promise:

5. Wealthy Traveler – Bravo! You are honorable people, as am I. Please, accept this reward.

The player has thereby solved one more injustice in LD2, with hundreds more to explore and overcome!