Continued Art Improvements – Skeletons

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Continued Art Improvements – Skeletons

We have been busy over the last few weeks on several fronts including rapid dungeon design, Last Dream Fishing Arcade mobile development, and updating environmental art for Last Dream II. The latest improvements to the environmental art can be see in the image below showing a comparison of the new (left) and old (right) skeleton art:


The old art was a suitable placeholder so that we could continue development and complete mapping; however, the level of detail and shading realism is far superior in the new art. We are very nearly finished updating all of the environment art in the Moros Ruins (the first Gray Mage prologue dungeon). We hope to have a post ready soon to show a comparison of the Moros Ruins between the old and new art.

In other news, we have developed the dungeon design for several more dungeons as we push toward game completion through the first major section of the game. That includes dungeon development of:

  • The Astraeus Ruins

  • The Oizys Marsh

  • The Temple Of Odin

  • The Temple at Karnac

  • The Vingolf Desert

We’re holding off on showing off these new dungeons as the art in those dungeons are still largely placeholders.