Crafting Custom Graphic Art that “Lives” Within a New World!

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Our development team has elected to invest our funds and time into crafting unique graphic art for Last Dream 2.

Beyond creating amber blades of grass, rustic cabin chimneys, and other essential design elements of our nascent world, we particularly enjoy dreaming up enemy creatures who live within LD2.

The design process starts with a draft description.

For example: “The Green Goblin is a weak enemy encountered early in LD2 who is primarily a physical attacker. Goblins are smaller than humans, but nearly as intelligent. They should not have wings or horns. They may wear some hand-made armor/clothing and use crude metal weapons.

From this rough description, our (highly capable!) graphic artist Blade sketches a menacing form for everyone’s review. In this case, our development team uniformly loved his imaginative concept art (pictured below).

Given our team’s green light, Blade then polished the Green Goblin.

From here, we refine further.

The overall design is excellent, but the left hand could be made proportionally smaller and with greater definition. Since Blade gave the Goblin three toes, perhaps he should also have three fingers?

Blade then iterates on this design until we are ready for the next stage: variations!

The color splotches pictured above comprise the current composition of the Goblin. Planned variations include the following:

  • Green Goblin (weakest, initially encountered)
  • Blue Goblin (weak, common)
  • Red Goblin (middle strength, interspersed in isolated areas)
  • Gray Goblin (stronger and smarter, rare)
  • Black Goblin (bringer of death, extremely rare)

Color variations offer cost-efficient art development while remaining within the RPG callbacks of our youth. In addition, using similarly designed characters offers the player both something familiar (strength attributes, defense characteristics) and something new (more challenge with game progression).

Designing each graphical aspect of LD2 is a massive endeavor for a massive game world, yet our core commitment remains crafting the best RPG experience our team can muster.

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