Fish Art Complete!

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Fish Art Complete!

We’ve reached a major milestone in the development of the Last Dream Fishing Arcade. Our graphic artist has completed all of the art for the fish! In addition, all fish have been animated and incorporated into the game.

We’re continuing our work to migrate the existing game from Godot v3 to v4.1. We’re happy to report that the “Flying Fish” showed in an earlier video have been fixed. The issue was that physics overrides were not properly turned on after the migration so some of the physics parameters such as movement damping and gravity were not properly set above and below the water.

In parallel with the migration of the Last Dream Fishing Arcade to Godot 4, we’re also working on the migration of Last Dream II. The game is now able to load but there is a substantial amount of work to get everything working. We plan to give you more information on the Last Dream II migration progress.

We hope to be able to show a video soon that will show the Last Dream Fishing Arcade in action with Godot v4.1.