Fishing Mini-Game: New Art & Overdrives

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We’ve been working closely with our graphic artist to produce new environmental art for the Last Dream II Fishing Mini-Game. In the image, you can see screenshot featuring the new clouds and the new cliff face! Not shown is a new seafloor along with new decorations like seaweed, sea shells, starfish, etc.

Next up on the art list will be replacing the ocean water and finally the major task of creating unique fish sprites for each of the fish in both Saltwater and Freshwater areas.

Since our last update, we’ve also implemented Fishing Overdrives which are tied to each fishing rod. The mechanic that we’re using right now is that Overdrive points are earned by wearing down fish endurance; this means that you can still earn overdrive by fighting a powerful fish, even if its recovering endurance faster than you’re wearing it down – only the endurance reduction is counted toward overdrive; fish recovery does not count against you. Our hope is that Fishing Overdrives, when used wisely, will allow you to catch significantly stronger fish than you normally would be able to.

In terms of upcoming functionality that we plan to add:

1) Achievements

2) Treasures that you can catch on the sea floor

3) Unique sea creatures (other than fish) that you can catch (e.g. crabs, etc.)

As a stretch goal, we are considering making each character class have unique attributes for fishing, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.