Fishing Minigame

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We’ve been working on implementing the fishing mini-game into Last Dream II. You can see a screenshot of the current state above. We hope that we’ll soon be able to share with a video but the mechanics are still a bit buggy – this is the first time that we’ve utilized the physics engine in Godot and we’re still learning how to switch physics environments and override object physics so that everything works properly.

Currently, you can cast your hook into the water with a power controlled by the oscillating “Casting Power” bar seen above the player. The casting is animated and the Hook’s motion is controlled by the Godot physics engine and has an appropriate change in drag once it enters the water. In addition, fish spawn in the water (only one so far) and you can actually hook the fish and reel them in; however, this is as far as we’ve gotten. The next step is to implement the line tension when reeling in the fish so that the forces from the player reeling in the fish and the fish’s motion are totaled and the total tension on the line computed. This will mean that if you attempt to reel in the fish for too long (and the fish is powerful enough and moving away), then the line will break.

Once line tension is implemented, there are numerous levels of polish that need to be implemented in terms of having fish with different attributes (power, speed) as well as fishing poles with different attributes (power, line tension, etc.).