Friends We Don’t Know

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Dear Friends,

As a passion project among our small team of avid RPG enthusiasts, Last Dream exceeded our expectations the first time someone we didn’t know played our nascent RPG and became engaged in the mystery, just like us.

It’s a funny thing to find your own creation mysterious, but Last Dream is mysterious for us: how will our quest experience change with different characters? How swiftly can we reach the Ship? Will players we don’t know be better than us at our literal “own game”?

On that last question, we have a definitive answer: Yes, people we don’t know will be much, much better than us at Last Dream. Like, amazing at exploiting our carefully crafted game mechanics.

Our development team knows every NPC, every objective, every hidden quest and treasure, and yet we do not have the fresh eyes of our Kickstarter backers and Steam players, nor necessarily their deep RPG expertise. You, our kind players, have approached Last Dream and Last Dream: World Unknown as new worlds to explore and conquer, and you do it so damn well!

Receiving feedback from players we don’t know is also uniquely fascinating to us, mixing great satisfaction that someone else is enjoying our creation with intense curiosity about how they experience our games. Does the Last Dream series feel vast and full of possibilities? Do the challenges feel meaningful and worth overcoming? We hope so. This is how Last Dream and LD: World Unknown feel to us.

Thanks for playing!

-Josh Mellon

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